Throwback – It’s Not Just a Funding Issue

This article was written in September 2022, and is still highly relevant.

The NHS as a whole is incompetent. This isn’t an attack on the NHS. This isn’t me hating them. This is criticism because it is no longer a funding issue. NHS standards have fallen over the past 12 years, as we’re aware.

But the ableism, and often racism, people have been experiencing isn’t a new thing – you’ve just only started listening now that it’s affecting you. This is an institution that has been hiring ableist individuals since it was created.

Nurses are telling chronic pain sufferers that “you can’t be in pain, you’re not crying”, telling chronic depression sufferers to have a bath and drink some tea. “I can’t understand you, speak properly,” says the doctor speaking with an Autistic patient with a stammer.

On top of all of this, chronically ill LGBT folk keep needing a new referral because they keep finding themselves in the “care” of a homophobic or transphobic NHS Doctor. I love the NHS – I love the idea of everyone being cared for.

But not everyone gets the same level of care, whether due to them being chronically ill, LGBT, or non-white, and ignoring that very fact is disgraceful.

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