Spitroast Parties – Erotic Flash Fiction

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Parties have never been my thing – it’s usually too much chitchat, too much drinking, and not enough thinking.

But I got an invite to a monthly party that I do enjoy – something fun – every first Friday of the month. 

1 Year Ago

“Eva, just go!” My best friend, Naomi, laughs.

I roll my eyes. “I can’t! The invite says to bring a sex toy for crying out loud. I was invited in passing.”

She gets off the couch, grabs the invite from the coffee table and stands in the middle of the room – looking down at the fancy card. “It also says you can bring a plus one…”

My eyes widen. “Are you really suggesting WE go to a sex party?”

Naomi smirks, biting her bottom lip as she looks back at me. “Let’s have some fun.”

Present Day

I feel my stomach flip a few times when I hand over my coat, bag, keys, and phone to the host.

No matter how often I attend, the excitement always makes me nervous.

“Hi there.” A familiar voice says as I stand in the main room, watching as three men have their way with each other on the staged bed in the centre of the room. I feel hands on my hips, my favourite pair of hands.

“Hi,” I whisper. I’m wearing my favourite body suit, something that’s definitely not appropriate for everyday parties. But at a sex party? Of course. I keep my eyes on the men, watching as they pick the bottom among them. Putting him on his back, holding his knees to his chest as they spitroast him. 

The hands-on my hips move – one wrapping around me and holding my hand, the other reaching between my legs and pulling the thin fabric to the side. Spreading my lips and using a finger to slowly circle my clit, rubbing softly, teasing me.

“We’re going to use you like that later,” Naomi whispers as she presses against me. Her mouth is at my ear, her finger picking up the pace as she rubs me.

“You’re going to sit on my face again?” I ask through heavy breaths.

I feel her lips move as she smiles against my ear. “No… He’s going to fuck your face,” she whispers.

I look across the room, seeing a regular friend of ours. He winks as she reaches down and plunges two fingers into me. 

My eyes roll back, witnessing people and being witnessed simultaneously – the rush is beyond anything I’ll ever feel outside these parties. “You brought a harness,” I gasped, reaching behind me with my free hand and feeling the leather straps on her waist.

“Your pretty little pussy is getting stretched tonight, Princess,” she giggles. 

Yes, please.

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.
Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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