Prepare, Incoming – Flash Fiction

I’ve been trying to break my fiction hiatus for the past six months, and honestly – it’s a lot harder than most people think.

So, I’ve used a writing prompt to write some flash fiction today.

This is Prepare, Incoming.


Your character wins a competition to attend a film premiere and meet their lifelong idol, with disappointing consequences.

Flash Fiction

“And the winner is…” Silence fills the room as anticipation builds. “Frank!”

He lunges from his seat, a look of disbelief on his face as he jogs onto the stage. He’d worked so hard on his horror script submission, spending countless days pondering. “I can’t believe it,” he says, taking the award from the school’s dean. He steps up to the podium, ready to express his thanks, knowing it had been an open vote.
He pauses as he looks around the room, realising that he knows no one – not a single soul present.

“Thank you,” he stammers. “This means so much to me.” He steps back quickly, going back to his seat.

“Mr Wilks will be attending the premier for Dead Ringer this Friday night!” The dean announces.

Frank blinks, looking down at the award. He’s nervous – he’s always nervous – but now, he’s going to meet his favourite star, Evangelica Warren.

The night is upon him, and he’s shaking from nerves. Frank climbs out of the limo the university had rented for him. He pulls his sleeves and suit jacket down to neaten up before stepping onto the red carpet.

An usher sees him and swiftly leads him to the meeting area where the cast and other guests are mingling. “Ms Warren and Mr Lux, the winner has arrived,” the usher announces.

Ms Warren turns around, her ebony skin contrasting wildly with her night sky blue dress. She smiles. “Mr Wilks, it’s a pleasure to meet you. And please, call me Evangelica.” She holds her hand out as if to shake.

Frank takes a deep breath and reaches for her hand but is suddenly aware of the vomit rising in his throat. Without a chance of containing it, he explodes – a projectile covering the star’s starry dress. Shrieking as she flaps her hands in distress.

Mr Lux, who’s been hit by the splatter, stands perfectly still. His mouth gaping as he watches the onslaught. When the stream is finally over, all three covered, Ms Warren tries to compose herself while Lux bursts out laughing.

“You’re my hero, Evangelica,” Frank exclaims, knowing his time in the mingling circle is over.
Lux laughs harder, clutching his stomach.

She frowns, sadness on her face as she looks at the small man. “Call me Ms Warren.”

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.
Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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