Celebrate All the Victories

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Being chronically ill is a constant and ongoing battle, and we regularly suffer losses. Whether we’ve had to cancel plans due to pain or stay in bed because we don’t physically have the energy to get up, it is a battle that no one should have to fight, but many of us do.
So, in the same way, that we shouldn’t be angry with ourselves when we suffer a loss, we need to remember to celebrate the victories.

And we can do it in many ways – maybe by playing a game we enjoy, buying a small token to mark a milestone or treating ourselves to a slice of cake.
Celebrate every victory – whether it’s just getting out of bed in a timely fashion, hitting a recovery milestone, going for a walk without needing a break, or even just showering – for many, these might sound little. But when you’re suffering losses regularly, every victory should be celebrated.

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Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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