I Will Find You – Chapter One – SAMPLE

I WILL FIND YOU was my fourth bestseller, achieving the title in the Dystopian/Horror Amazon categories back in 2018. On July 3rd, 2023, the book is being rereleased with extra content. And, as I’m a confident believer in Try-Before-You-Buy: here’s the first chapter for you to sample.


The sun peeks over the horizon as Avaline starts her day, waking up next to her fiancée – rolling over and snaking her arms around her partner’s waist.
“Good morning,” Avaline whispers, her cheek pressed against her girlfriend’s upper arm as she intertwines her fingers at the bottom of her partner’s stomach. “Are you okay?”
Emilia yawns as she shifts to roll onto her back, still in Avaline’s embrace – wrapping an arm around Avaline as she stares at the ceiling. “I’m fine,” she says, stroking Avaline’s hair. “You okay?”
Smiling, Avaline blinks – her eyes feeling heavy. “Perfect.” She yawns before pressing her lips together and closing her eyes – ready to go back to sleep. “I’m tired.”
“You’re always tired,” Emilia chuckles, rolling onto her side – kissing Avaline’s forehead. “I love you.”
Avaline grins in her sleepy state – cuddling up to her fiancée. “I love you, too.”
Walking to work, following her usual route through the town centre, a parade of people stops her. “Kill the snake. Cut off its head! Stop the spread. Kill them dead!” A group chants holding placards as they march back and forth. Another group of people marching opposite them – seemingly a rival.
“What’s happening?” Emilia questions, trying to see the writing on the placards.
One of the rivals walks over. “Please tell me you’re not with these bigots?” The man questions, crossing his arms.
Emilia shrugs. “I don’t know what they’re protesting…”
“LGBT Rights is what they’re protesting.” The man growls.
Emilia looks over to the protesters – their chant echoing in her head. Kill the snake. Cut off its head! Stop the spread. Kill them dead! A sickening feeling takes over Emilia, her stomach churning. It’s election day, and they’re protesting for a purge outside city hall… Of course. Emilia slowly walks past the protesting groups – walking between the two bodies.
“Stand with us, honey! You wouldn’t want to lose your husband to the devil, would you?” An angry woman questions, watching Emilia.
Emilia stops, looking at the woman’s Placard – Raphael for senator, Purge the Sinners!
“I’m marrying a woman,” Emilia blurts and continues scurrying along.
“Whore!” The woman screams, trying to hit Emilia with the picket board.
A rival lunges, forcing Emilia to duck as she pulls her away – out of the woman’s range. “Are you okay?” She asks, pulling Emilia behind the rival lines – making sure she’s safe.
Emilia nods, pressing her lips together. “I’m fine… What’s happening?”
“Seemingly the world’s gone mad… Or at least the Senator’s have…” The girl mutters. “My name’s Noemi, by the way.”
“Emilia.” She takes Noemi’s hand, shaking it before turning back to the front line – the protesters all looking at Emilia and Noemi now. “I don’t understand any of this.”
“Senator Raphael is up for re-election today. He’s been winning in the polls for backing the LGBT purge,” Noemi explains, crossing her arms as she watches the protest continue.
“I have to go…” Emilia mumbles, heading on her way – walking towards work. Not far left to go. She turns the corner of city hall, not wanting to enter work through the front door due to the protest outside.
Heading in, her team welcomes her. “Emilia, we were so worried,” Vic says – rushing over. “Did you see the protests?”
She sighs, “Yeah, I didn’t realise Raphael had such a strong following. Honestly thought he’d lose.”
“Unfortunately, not,” Jana says, gesturing to the TV in the office showing the current poll stats. “It seems to be happening everywhere – even the blue zones are losing to the reds.”
“Shit,” Emilia groans, covering her mouth with her hands. “This cannot be happening.”
“It is…” Harper comments, sitting back in his chair. “My fucking parents voted for this shit…” He scoffs. “Why the hell does one of the smallest demographics just happen to be the biggest voting demographic?”
“Did you vote?” Emilia questions.
Harper nods. “Voted for Sauber.” He gestures to his blue I Voted badge. “And you?”
“Sauber,” Emilia sighs. “I forgot to put my badge on. I didn’t think today would be that big of a deal.”
“They’re protesting for your death…” Jana chuckles. “I feel like that makes today a pretty big day.”
“Jana – stop it,” Vic growls, sitting down at his desk opposite Harper.
“I’m just joking.” She pauses. “Though, I’m still worried.”
Emilia goes to her desk, taking her shoulder bag off and plonking it down on her chair. “I can’t imagine that it’s actually going to happen. It goes against so many laws.”
Harper looks down at his necklace – fiddling with the St. David’s star hanging from it. “So did the Holocaust…” Harper peers up at Emilia. “Just because they shouldn’t, doesn’t mean they won’t.”
That’s what I’m afraid of most – knowing that after all the bloodshed we’ve had in the past hundred years – they’re still willing to kill more – no matter the protections in place.

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.
Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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