SAMSUNG S-Pen: The Worst SAMSUNG Product

If you’re a designer, writer, or artist and you’re using a SAMSUNG tablet, I have an idea for you:

Get rid of your S-Pen.

The S-Pen, provided with a few SAMSUNG tablets, is SAMSUNG’s solution to the Apple Pen. But, it’s useless. The pen is £49.99, with no replacement Nibs and no availability to buy replacements.

So, why do so many SAMSUNG users own it, use it, and suffer through third-party replacement tips?

Because most don’t realise that there is a better alternative.

Due to the deal that SAMSUNG forged with WACOM – SAMSUNG devices contain WACOM technology, which allows WACOM pens to work on SAMSUNG products in the same way as the S-Pen.

But which pens work? 

Well, I’ve tested a few since they’re all different styles and sizes, and I have found the best option for anyone who grew up writing with a Staedler pencil.

The NORIS Digital pen is a WACOM x Staedler Digital Pen designed to resemble the Staedler HB Pencils. You may remember them – hexagon shaped, black and yellow, with a red end. Now, you’re probably questioning why this is the option I’m saying is the best alternative.

Firstly, it’s the same weight as the S-Pen. So, if you’re looking for something with a similar weight, this is for you. It’s the same length as a pencil, which makes it much easier to write with – but it’s also thinner so that it’s easier to handle.

The NORIS has the same amount of pressure sensors (4096) as the S-Pen. However, unlike the S-Pen, the Nib doesn’t wear out within a few days. 

I’ve been using the NORIS for nearly three weeks, and it’s officially been the best digital design purchase I’ve made this year.

And to make it even better, the replacement Nibs are only £7.95 for a pack of five, and the pen starts at £22 (plus £5.99, p&p).

Three of the main issues with the S-Pen:

  • the low-quality Nib that it comes with
  • the Nib isn’t replaceable due to SAMSUNG not providing replacements
  • the Nib being known for breaking inside the pen and voiding the warranty.

If you’re currently using the S-Pen for navigation or quick notes, you can probably get away with using a third-party replacement tip when it gets to it. But, if you’re a regular user like me: try the NORIS Digital.

It handles like a dream, doesn’t hurt to use, and it feels like a pen on paper if you’re using a matte screen protector.

Give it a try!

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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