Three Foods To Avoid For A Healthy Life

To stay healthy, there are three foods that everyone should avoid. Avoiding these foods will not only keep you healthy, but it’ll also make you happier.

1. Food You Don’t Like

Why would you eat something you don’t like? I don’t eat celery because it tastes like sadness (to me), and eating it as a snack would make me not want a snack – no matter how hungry I am. So, instead of eating food you don’t like in an attempt to be healthy, eat something you like – because you can be healthy and eat the foods you enjoy.

2. Food You’re Allergic To

Honestly, this is just logical. Why would someone with a peanut allergy eat peanuts? It’s irresponsible for your health and safety. So, if you’re allergic to foods, don’t eat them! 

This goes for anyone with a food intolerance, too. If you’re lactose intolerant and still devouring cheese in the hope that you’re not going to drop a nuclear bomb like shit in your bathroom later – you’re damaging yourself; please stop. Lactose-free cheese is a valuable option.

3. Food You Can’t Afford

If you think buying only organic fruit and veg is the way to go, that’s fine. However, sadly, not everyone can afford it. Of course, fruit and veg need to be in your life – but if buying organic produce, lean meats, and healthier* alternatives are forcing you to cut down on food in general and make you struggle to feed yourself or your family… Consider this: buy the same items, but in the price range you can afford.

  • Buy any fruit or veg, rather than specifically organic.
  • Buy the meat you can afford rather than specifically going for the lean options.
  • Buy the bread you like and can afford; it doesn’t have to be “low calorie” or gold encrusted to be allowed in your belly.

In conclusion:
– Don’t eat the foods you don’t like, because we don’t have to suffer to feel good.
– Don’t eat the foods that hurt you, because it will cause you to end up ill, in pain, or dead.
– Don’t buy the food you can’t afford, because we don’t need to go without essentials due to companies and health gurus forcing morals onto food.

Your body deserves to be fed regularly; it deserves to be fed food it isn’t allergic/intolerant to; and it deserves to be fed the food it likes.

Moderation is vital – it’s that simple.

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