Dating Horrors – Red Flags Profiles and Messages

I’ve discussed my relationship, dating, and my life as a queer polyamorous person before. But we need to look at some of the strange profiles we regularly see on dating sites. Hopefully, these will stop you from making the same mistakes – or at least show you the red flags we have to deal with.

Let’s start with some generic ones that I’ve been sent from other daters.

The FakeTaxi Approach:

For some reason, FakeTaxi in a dating profile… doesn’t seem to work…

Let Me Guess…

You were cheated on by a short, plus-size gamer girl with an iPhone, right?

Misunderstood the Prompt:

Providing a red flag for a green flag prompt… Isn’t as intriguing as you think.
This guy has more red flags than China.

Now, time for some personal experiences!

Didn’t Respond within 5 Minutes…

Some people have lives – so they don’t always respond in five minutes… So why would I?

Didn’t Respond within 2 Minutes…

This guy liked me on Hinge, so I matched because his account looked alright. He didn’t get a response in seconds, so he decided to insult me…
Shame because I’ve heard worse on the playground.

You’re Queer? So, Threesome?

After a couple of days of talking, me advising I’m queer, then a long silence… Why would you think it’s okay to ask for a threesome?

At Least He’s Forward…

At least they’re forward about it… It makes it easier to clear down my inbox.

Greatest… Strengths?

Your greatest strengths aren’t really strengths… Say you have a materialistic mindset, without saying you have a materialistic mindset…

Followed by…

“Nice Pics You Ok? x”

Sounds innocent, right? Nope! It’s an Andrew Tate wannabe doing a backhand – nice pics, but are you okay? It’s a standard message you get when you’re goth or alternative.

Disgusting and Inappropriate

This one speaks for itself…

I’m not sure why he thought this was the best opening to go with… But he got a little butt hurt afterwards…

And those are just the highlights I’ve shared with friends.

This is a regular occurrence. And as a queer person – I can advise that for every woman with unrealistic expectations – since Incels and TateBoys like to scream “women have unrealistic expectations of partners – there are at least 24 men with extremely unrealistic expectations wandering around on dating platforms.

In conclusion, please leave people alone if you’re a walking red flag.

If you’re a green flag, please avoid the red flags – you deserve better.

And if you’re a mix: do some healing.

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.
Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.


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