Your Kind of Attractive

Throwback to May 2019

Everyone is attracted to someone, whether that be sexually or romantically, or just a general attraction.

We beat ourselves up over how we look or how we act on a daily basis, simply because we don’t like it. You don’t like how you do something, or you don’t like how you look.

And that’s understandable and fine, but don’t punish yourself over it.

Something that needs to be focused on more often in the body positivity movement is that you may not like how you look — but that may just be because you’re not your own type.

If you were, you’d end up being a narcissist and probably date someone who looks as if they could be your twin.

The reality is that you don’t have to like how you look. You may be big or small, short or tall; you may have blue, brown or green eyes — these factors can’t (easily) be changed. Just remember: you’re not supposed to find yourself attractive. It’s other people who find you attractive.



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