Autism Support Designed Just for Men

Throwback to June 2022

Support for Neurodivergent people in the UK is poor at best. However, where it really lacks substance is supporting anyone who isn’t a Cis, White Man.

Due to the research on Autism being focused on white men, most support systems are trying to implement the same styles of support for women and non-binary folk, which leads to more stress and worse outcomes.

Lindsey Bridges is campaigning for change to Mental Health Protocols after the death of her daughter, Lauren, while she was being detained under the Mental Health Act.

Here’s her video:

As someone who is Autistic, I think what Lindsey is doing is so important.

Autism is severely undiagnosed in Women, and poorly researched. It’s time that it changes and the Mental Health system is updated.

Lindsey’s petition is linked here.



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