Nurse Announces 13-hour wait in Harlow A&E

Throwback to June 2022

Unsurprisingly, A&E’s are no longer meeting the 4-hour maximum wait time target. The NHS is under massive pressure to assist everyone as much as possible, but between funding being non-existent and people abusing the system, are we surprised that wait times are no longer what they used to be?


170 patients in A&E. 7.5 hours to see a doctor. This is what Sajid Javid doesn’t want you to see. #ukpolitics #politics #health #hospital #nhs #borisjohnson #boris #uk #fyp #fypシ #fypage #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage

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In this now-viral video shared by @PoliticsJoe on TikTok, a nurse is announcing a 7.5-hour wait that will likely reach up to 13-hours.

It was filmed at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. The nurse addressed the room of 170 people, telling them that the current time scale to see a doctor was 7.5-hours. But she followed this up by stating that many of them would likely still be there when she clocked out at 8 AM.

She also advised that some patients may need to stay in A&E for the night if admitted as there are no beds on wards in the hospital.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that Sajid Javid is delusional if he thinks this isn’t an issue.

But, of course, Javid’s response to this video is it’s “not what anyone wants to see”, and the NHS is under “very high levels of demand” due to the COVID pandemic.

However, we all know that’s incorrect. It’s not the pandemic causing the issues. Yes, wait times are going to be longer – slightly – due to social distancing and COVID rules. Though, COVID is no longer the issue. It’s the scapegoat.

The real issue is funding. The government has been cutting costs on the NHS since they got into power, so are we surprised that the NHS wasn’t prepared for a pandemic?

Due to the lack of funding, there aren’t enough nurses or doctors. The less staff, the more strain on the current staff, and the more time the current staff end up off work due to stress.

And let’s not forget that new staff won’t accept the jobs due to the abysmal pay.

This was always going to happen when our health secretaries want everything to be privatised. It’s clear from Javid’s voting record that he’d prefer privatisation. After all, it’s what he’s voted for every time a vote has been raised to make something public-owned again – for example – the rail system.

Screenshot from TheyWorkForYou – How Sajid Javid voted on Transport

And then there are the bus services – which he also voted against being public-owned again. But he voted for the prices of train tickets to rise…

So, next time you think about whether you need to go to A&E, Call 111 or speak with a GP. Only attend A&E if it’s desperately necessary. It’s the best we can do for the NHS until we can vote out the Tories.

If you need the NHS, good luck. You’re going to need it.



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