Public School Administrator Watches and LAUGHS at Struggling Disabled Student

Throwback to June 2022


Can’t say I’m surprised at all. They have illegally denied my other service dog, made me give up my rights to have Kenzie this service dog to be there and saying to have my other service dog to be there I need her to be registered and show proof she is trained which registration are scams, they didn’t follow my IEP legal document which is also illegal not to follow. #accessibleforall #servicedogkenzie #ambulatorywheelchairuser #fyp #holdthemaccountable #publicschool

♬ original sound – Liza & Mongoose

Liza was trying to leave her school for the day, as an ambulatory wheelchair user with a service dog, when she had difficulty exiting the building. The doors weren’t wheelchair friendly and in the high winds of the day, the door kept closing. Instead of assisting her, the administrator watching laughed.

When trying to open the door, Liza was injured when her hand was jolted, breaking one of her nails. The administrator continued watching during the ordeal, laughing as they watched. Liza, inevitably, required assistance from a passerby.

This isn’t the first time that her access rights have been violated. They previously denied her other service dog access to the premises and stated that she’d need her to be registered in order to allow her in the building. The school have been known to breach Liza’s IEP – which is a legally binding document, and such violations can lead to Liza and her parents submitting a lawsuit against the school.

The administrator should be fired, the school prosecuted, and Liza compensated.



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