Mental Health and Showbusiness: Goodbye Jeremy Kyle

Throwback to May 2019

[Content Warning: this article mentions Mental Health and Suicide. This may be distressing for some readers. Please proceed with caution.]

Jeremy Kyle intro sequence from 2008

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been on our screen for the better part of fourteen years. However, it also means that it took fourteen years to get a show, that is prone to harming people, off TV.

I’ve watched the show — I enjoyed some parts of it. But overall the experience with the show is that it is damaging to people with poor mental health and minorities in the United Kingdom.

I know what the producers, creators, and everyone else in the making of the show would say: we take care of people. Do they though?

The Jeremy Kyle Show has now been cancelled after fourteen years, consisting of 3320 episodes and 16 seasons including a USA adaptation.

You have an angry man from Reading screaming in peoples faces about the wrong choices they’ve made in their lives as if no one in the audience had done the same.

On top of that, there have been numerous occasions where people on The Jeremy Kyle Show have been verbally abused and stalked on social media after appearing on said show.

Steve Dymond committed suicide and his body was found on May 9th, a week after recording the show.

The show was suspended yesterday after a previous guest killed himself less than a month after their show appearance — this episode hasn’t been aired, and is currently being investigated by the ITV team to review it.

Today, after emails were leaked stating that the show had been suspended for its safety, the show has officially been cancelled — now believing that the show is a risk.

Sophie Hannah Gradon died aged 32 after committing suicide in Ponteland on June 20th 2018

Priding themselves on the welfare team that they had, they seemingly didn’t accommodate enough for those with mental health problems — which isn’t uncommon for ITV productions after two Love Island contestants committed suicide after appearing on the show.

ITV don’t seem to take care of their shows, let alone the people appearing on them. We know how many of the Love Island cast have later gone on to be tormented on social media because of things they did on the show. And we also know how many people have been bullied after airing their dirty laundry on the Jeremy Kyle show.

Michael Thalassitis died aged 26 on March 15th 2019 after committing suicide.

These kinds of shows should take greater care of their guests and/or contestants.

Thinking that they can blindly walk into a show and not have backlash due to their faults is irresponsible and unethical.

Both shows — Love Island and the Jeremy Kyle show — should be cancelled, permanently.



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