Favourite Things to Wear – Writing Prompt

Comfort clothes are important for everyday life – though many don’t appreciate them much.


What are your two favourite things to wear?


I religiously wear two things regularly: an orange turtle neck jumper dress and my uni-corgi (unicorn corgi) PJs.

The turtle neck is weirdly loose but extremely comfortable, and the sleeves aren’t too long or too short. It also complements my figure rather than drowning me, even though it is a little oversized.

My Corgi PJs are genuinely the softest things I own. They’re overly stained by curry nights and hair dye because I do not take care of my clothes (I want them to look like they’ve been worn). But they’re still perfect. I like wearing them on PJ days.

Wearing clothes that are comfortable is important, especially when you’re dealing with chronic pain like I am. When you’re chronically ill, you have to think of comfort before fashion or presentation. But finding something that makes you feel good and gives you comfort – that’s a win-win.



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