What Technology would you give up? – Writing Prompt

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What Technology would you give up?


Honestly, for me, this is a bit of a tricky one. I rely on technology for lots of things due to being housebound. Without my phone, I can’t socialise. Without my computer, I can’t work.

I suppose the only answer I can really give is my TV. I use it so little that I had to plug it in for the first time in six months so I could continue playing Pokémon Scarlet on release day…

Everything else is a requirement.

My phone, I need for socialising, working, and relaxing.

My computer, I need for work, films, speaking with my partner, writing, gaming.

My switch, also for gaming – a hobby I muchly appreciate and a console I love considering the controllers are accessible for me.

My Microwave – because sometimes I don’t have enough spoons (energy) to cook a proper meal.

My fridge – to store all my Yoghurts (I might be Terry from B99 with how much peach and cherry yoghurt I go through between shops).

My doorbell – yeah, a doorbell – because I don’t always have spoons to get to the door, or enough to get there in a timely fashion.

Colour-changing bulbs that connect to my phone – because white light can trigger seizures when spoons are limited, and I can’t always get to the light switch.

So, yes, I would give up my TV.



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