Mastodon vs Twitter

Throwback to December 2022

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With the recent happenings on Twitter, we’re all ready to jump ship. If you haven’t yet, I recommend it. If you thought Twitter was bad before Musk, you would probably want to run and hide now, as it’s officially a right-wing protected social media platform. As always, showing his true colours, Musk has fired half of the moderation team and over half the staff of Twitter in general.
Besides that, he’s allowed far-right activists, corrupt politicians, and bigots back onto the platform after they were “wrongfully banned” – the phrase of his followers, not from me.
Now, why do we keep suggesting Mastodon? Let me explain.
Imagine if Twitter and Tumblr had a baby, but the algorithm didn’t look at your every google search. What if your social media suggested a host of things, not just stuff it wants to try and sell you… Well, that’s Mastodon.
One of the first open-source social media sites and the best social media site currently out there. You can find every niche on the platform, on a host of servers, and find new people and new topics.
It’s honestly quite heavenly… And the mascot is a Mastodon (obviously) – for those who don’t know, Mastodons were somewhat related to Mammoths.

So, why not move over? If you want to join me, find me at @authortheorose



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