Shopping Trip with Daddy – Erotic Flash Fiction

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Sometimes all you need is a shopping trip with your dominant to recover from a rough time.

This flash fiction describes explicit public play between a Daddy Dominant and a Service Submissive.

Erotic Flash Fiction

“Come along now,” he growls as he strides into the store. Daddy’s been wanting to go on this trip for a while.

A shopping trip for new dresses – how romantic? No. This is a game.

Daddy buys me a pretty dress, as long as we don’t get caught. And by we, I mean me.

Leading me to the back of the store, I’m presented with rails upon rails of dresses – pretty frocks that I’d usually be fascinated by. But not today, not while Daddy’s in control.

The toy inside of me begins to pulse, and my breathing hitches. “Control yourself, Princess.”

I look up to Daddy, seeing a smirk on his face as I attempt to hold my composure. He’s been slowly turning it up since we walked in, but every time an employee walks by… Rapid pulses.

“Pick one dress, something nice,” he says, leaning against a display as he watches me.

I nod and try to focus.

A sudden jolt of vibrations, accompanied by Daddy’s laugh, “Oops, my finger slipped.”

I clench my thighs together and bite my bottom lip, the assault continuing. I pick up the first black dress I can find in my size and head to the dressing rooms.

Daddy picks something up along the way, giving us both a reason to be back there.

The employees wave us past, and we duck into a changing booth. He closes the curtain and drops the useless shirt on the bench. “Change,” he demands.

I make quick work of it. Now, standing in front of him in nothing but a black mini-dress, way too short for me to wear without anything underneath.

I see a wicked smile flash across his face. “Precious.”

He spins and presses me against the wall, feeling his stiff cock rubbing against my ass as he continues teasing me with vibrations. “Whatever shall we do with you?”

In a moment of lust and confidence, I grind against him. “Fill me.”

Daddy groans, leaving the vibrator on high as he places his phone on the bench and undoes his jeans. “Daddy doesn’t have any condoms, you better be ready for this.”

“Breed me,” I whimper as his hands reach between my thighs and push them apart.

“Oh, without a doubt, princess.” After a couple strokes across my cunt, Daddy forces his way in. Filling my tight pussy with his thick dick, stretching me and filling me up.

Wrapping an arm around my waist, his free hand covers my mouth as he whispers in my ear, “we’re going to make quick work of this. Aren’t we, Princess?”

I nod and moan against his hand as he picks up speed. The wet sound of him fucking me echoes around the changing booth, louder than ever.

“Everything okay in there?” An employee asks from outside.

Daddy uncovers my mouth, grinning as he waits for me to respond.

I gulp, trying to even out my breathing. “Everything’s fine.”

“Okay! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help,” they say before leaving again. As their footsteps vanish into the background noise of the store, Daddy begins the assault again.

“You did so well, baby,” he growls before biting my neck and fucking me faster than ever.

As I get close to climaxing, Daddy becomes primal. His nails digging into me as he holds on for dear life before giving me one last, deep thrust. Holding himself inside of me as he cums, filling me.

Daddy pulls out and removes the spent vibrator, enjoying the view of his cum dripping out of me and down my thigh.

I spin around and fall to my knees. Daddy nods, giving me the go-ahead. I take him in my mouth, just the tip at first, before quickly taking his full length – hitting the back of my throat as I lick and suck him clean.

After a minute, I’m back on my feet and in my original dress. Daddy leads me out, parading my newly cum filled pussy to the world as it drips. As we stand at the checkout, I see him smiling at me. “What’s that smile about?” I giggle.

Daddy winks. “These trips are why you’re my favourite.”

Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.
Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
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