Aliens, Demons, Selena Gomez, and David Tennant – Such a Weird Couple Months…

While I’ve been laid up with COVID, a few things have happened.

  • The USA confirmed Aliens exist.
  • The Entrance to Hell was found under a church in Mexico.
  • Selena Gomez is being bashed for pulling a face in response to Chris Brown’s nomination announcement. 
  • Oh, and Posie Parker accused David Tennant of being a Paedophile [for supporting LGBTQIA Individuals].

Where do I start?


Well, the US had several people confirm that Aliens do exist and that the US government had been covering it up for several decades – which is entirely normal to learn, honestly. We’re just waiting to find out if the Aliens will help with the cost of living…

Entrance to Hell

A piece of architecture has been found under a church in Mexico, which was believed to be the Entrance to Hell. The entrance leads to a labyrinth, most likely used by Zapotec people until the colonisation of Mexico by the Spaniards in 1521. Of course, nobody really responded to this finding, either. We’re also waiting to find out if Demons will help with the cost of living…

Selena Gomez

Title: Selena Gomez at the 2023 vmas
Date: 12 September 2023
Photographer: Vmas
Source: Wikimedia /
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
Edits Made: N/A

Chris Brown has a long list of accusations and charges against his name – most notably for Domestic Abuse against Rihanna – but there was a hit and run that he was also involved in, punched a fan in the face – leading to a misdemeanour… There are plenty of reasons not to like Chris Brown besides his music.

So, are we surprised that Selena pulled a face when he was announced as a nominee? 

Posie Parker vs. David Tennant

We’re all aware of how amazing David Tennant is. He’s been a vocal advocate for human rights, feminism, and LGBTQIA rights for decades. But here we are, with Posie Parker accusing the UK’s National Treasure of being a Paedophile… And not even in a valid way.

David has many LGBTQIA positive pins – including the following pin:

A picture of David wearing this pin was shared by Posie Parker with the following caption:

Posie Parker caption: “His pin reads “hey little girl do you want to see some puppies?””

Like, I think we can all agree… That’s not even remotely close to what it says… It’s pretty clear what it says, even with how pixelated the photo is.

But, don’t worry, the bad TERF Graphic Designers decided to mock up the fake pin:

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m looking forward to David’s wives (Georgia Tennant and Michael Sheen) shutting down TERFs online; I’m sure they’ll have plenty of fun with it.

If you want this pin, make sure to buy it from this Etsy Store – which is where David got it from.

And, I think that’s us caught up?

Time for an eyes-open nap…

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Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.


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