My Favourite Albums of All-Time

Daily writing prompt
What’s your all-time favorite album?

This will be a tricky prompt for me as someone who listens to music for a minimum of 20 hours a day – because I also listen to music when sleeping.
But I can roughly answer it… As long as I’m allowed more than one album.

I will go by genre because it’s the only thing that makes sense.

POP: Mirror by Lauren Spencer Smith

It’s a truly beautiful album; there isn’t a single bad song, and I just wouldn’t be able to get through the hard times of this year without it.

ALT ROCK: Hopes and Fears by Keane

Another solid album, though they’ve never produced a bad album or even a bad song. This album is terrific, and of course – it comes with one of the greatest songs of all time… Somewhere Only We Know.

NEO-CLASSICAL: The Blue Notebooks by Max Richter

If you’re looking for an album that has limited lyrics but is full of heartbreak – this is for you. Richter is known for making scores for TV, Film, and Video Games, but this set were explicitly produced in protest of the Iraq War. Since then, it’s been used in everything from The Good Doctor to The Last of Us.

INSTRUMENTAL/SCORES: Doctor Who Series 4 by Murray Gold

This is an album that I never stop listening to, especially when I want to submerge into a fantasy or sci-fi world. All of the music from Doctor Who – including the scores by Segun Akinola – is amazing. But this album is just extra, and it’s primarily due to the Song of Freedom. You can watch the show in your head by listening to these songs.

ROCK: the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

I’m confident anyone who’s listened to this tracklist agrees with me. It was a close tie between this and American Idiot by Green Day. But TBP deals with so much, and it got me through some challenging life experiences and is still very relevant.

POP PUNK: Brand New Eyes by Paramore

I know the band is typically classed as Rock, but due to their pop and punk vibes, I class them as Pop Punk and Brand New Eyes is the best album they’ve ever produced. I love all of their albums, of course, but this one… This one hits different. To me, the best song on the album would be Playing God. It’s so relevant it’s almost depressing.

And I think that’s it! That’s all my favourite albums…

What do you think? Are you going to listen to any of them? Or have you already?
What’s your favourite album(s)? Let me know!

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Available to read online for free and downloadable for 99p.
Available from Theodora’s Emporium and Amazon.


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