Announcement – Welcome to Spooky Season…

October is my favourite month – Autumn is in full swing, the air is cooling, and Halloween is around the corner. 
This year, to celebrate October, I will be focusing on Horror content all month long! From Art to Fiction, Movie to Music Recommendations, and much more. 
There’s going to be a minimum of two pieces of art and fiction per week, so plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

Of course, I couldn’t just start producing horror-themed content on a cutesy website now, could I? So, yes, I did rebrand for the month.

Sunday’s are going to be a free-for-all, while every other day of the week is going to have very specific content outlined. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone to enjoy – whether you’re looking for real-life horror, fantasy horror, art, or just recommendations on music and movies!

To Further Celebrate October

All of my Horror Content will be free to download from my website for the entire month – starting tomorrow! 
Want to read Just Another Number or I Will Find You for the first time? Grab it while it’s free!


There’s going to be plenty of new content – and a little surprise on Halloween… 
Stay tuned and take care during this spooky season!



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