Trauma Art: A Sinister Smile in the Dark

It’s time for some Trauma Art.
I have selected several real-life trauma prompts – from my own life or those around me – and have created fiction and art for each.

This Week’s Prompt:
C-PTSD: A Sinister Smile in the Dark


ALT Text: A creepy smiling face in the darkness. Words written in red: HE WATCHES FROM THE SHADOWS.

Explanation Time:

The prompt was specifically about Flashbacks associated with C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and someone being watched by an abuser in their bedroom.
I played around with the colour scheme a lot but ultimately settled on red, black, and yellow.
Black for the darkness, shading, and the idea that this person would watch within a dark room. But red to tie in the blood of an attack and yellow to give the face a slightly lit glow as if the bedroom door is slightly ajar with a light shining in. I specifically made the teeth yellow rather than white because enamel is naturally off-white, and I wanted to make the face look more monstrous without giving it daggered teeth.

And that’s it. Stay tuned for more horror and trauma content coming in the remaining days of October!



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