Slasher Films Perfect for Friday the 13th

I was going to do this article next week until I realised something: next Friday is Friday the 13th!

Let’s look at some Slasher recommendations.

While I love the Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises, I’m not going to mention them because they’re the most popular and common slashers out there.

Barring the last one, here are my five recommendations in no particular order!

Freaky (2020)

This comedy-slasher is easily one of my favourites. The main character freaky friday‘s with the local serial killer and must find a way back to her original body to avoid being stuck as him. 
If you’re looking for a lighthearted slasher film to watch, that isn’t too scary, this is the one for you. It’s great for anyone wanting to dip into the Slasher genre. 

Available to watch on Netflix

Candyman (1992)

If you’ve yet to hear of the Candyman – specifically regarding Tony Todd – you must be new to the horror scene, and I’m happy to introduce you.
Candyman is based on the urban legend surrounding a one-armed man nicknamed the Candyman due to his horrible death. If his name is said three times in front of a mirror, he kills the person. 
Bloody Mary but… gruesome and with a horrifying backstory.

Honourable mention: Candyman (2021)

While Tony Todd isn’t the main Candyman in this film, it’s still a great watch, and I highly recommend it alongside the original.

Buy or Rent from Google/YouTube, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc.

Happy Death Day (2017)

Another comedy-slasher, but this time, the main character is groundhog daying. Every time the main character dies, she has to restart the day. 
It’s a hilarious film and a little gory at times. And because of the constant replaying of the day, there are plenty of different deaths for the same person.

Buy or Rent from Google/YouTube, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc.

Child’s Play (1988)

This isn’t for you if you have a phobia of dolls. Another supernatural slasher film, Chucky is the doll in question. Of course, if you regularly watch horror – you’ll know of this film. For those that don’t, where have you been?
Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer in the franchise, gets killed and places his soul inside a doll. The doll eventually finds its way to Andy.
Chucky becomes animated and starts trying to kill his host family, leading to being shot and burnt a few times. 

Honourable Mention: Child’s Play (2019)

This film is questionable for most.
It’s not supernatural anymore, but it is all the horror and more of what the original Child’s Play offered.
If you’re interested in watching a version of Chucky that is a sentient/rogue robot that’s had enough of the kids he was supposed to play with [relatable, I know], then definitely give it a watch!

Both are Available on Amazon Prime.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

This film is controversial due to the writer and director being a specific kind of convict.

TW: Child Abuse

The director and writer of the film, and the subsequent franchise, is a known paedophile who was in prison for such up until 1992. 
Honestly, how he got back into the industry is beyond me – especially considering he was investigated and arrested for performing lewd acts on children in the industry while filming an earlier film…

That said, the film is horrifying and follows a flesh-eating monster with the song Jeepers Creepers regularly playing. This is a good candidate if you’re looking for a monster slasher film. 
The film is set on Spring Break, with main characters who come into contact with the monster while on a road trip.

Available on Amazon Prime

[Note: if you want to watch it without sending any more money towards the problematic individual and companies themselves, I’d recommend buying it from a charity shop or CEX – typically around 50p for the DVD.]

And those are my suggestions! Make sure to watch one or two on Friday the 13th! Slasher Night deserves a good Slasher film marathon, don’t you think?

I’ll see you tomorrow for some more spooky season content.
Take care!



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