Horror Art: We’re Not Alone

It’s time for some Horror Art.
I have selected several horror prompts and created fiction and art for each.

This Week’s Horror Prompt:
We’re Not Alone


ALT Text: Screaming woman with blood splatter on her face. Hand holding knife in the distance/background.

Explanation Time:

I decided to go for a pop art approach for this one.
Pop Art is where my art loyalties lie; I was a big fan of Roy Lichenstein and Andy Warhol growing up.
This is my first time doing something remotely pop art-esque for at least five years.
It was fun to make, even if drawing the face was a struggle.
The idea is that the main character is being chased or stalked – Michael Myers, eat your heart out.
I stuck to neutral colours – barring the green and red to add pops of colour. It would’ve been much brighter if I was doing a purely pop art piece, but I think the style still kind of works like this.

The accompanying fiction will be released tomorrow.

And that’s it. Stay tuned for more horror and trauma content coming in the remaining days of October!

https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-of-wet-hand-in-red-light-13516300/” rel=”nofollow”>Pexels.com



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