Horror Thought Sunday: Bodily Entrapment

Welcome back to another Horror Thought Sunday.

This week has been great. But before we get onto the article, let’s look at this week’s schedule!

The Schedule

For our Trauma Prompt this week – for Monday and Tuesday – we’re looking at my Bipolar Psychosis. I hallucinate often, and some can be pretty jarring – even though I know they’re not real.
I’m going to channel that, because they can be quite terrifying in the right circumstances.

Wednesday we’re going to be looking at music that is typically used in Psychological horror films and making a playlist for that, because who doesn’t want to be shit scared sometimes?

The Horror Prompt for Thursday and Friday is a Paranormal/Supernatural theme – which I’m excited about since most of my fantasy work is based around demons and angels.

And finally, of course, on Saturday we’ll be looking at my top recommendations for Psychological horror films.

So, there’s plenty to look forward to. 

Horror Thought Sunday

A couple of days ago, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne spoke again about their euthanasia plan in case they become disabled in a way which will drastically risk the quality of their lives.

A group of able-bodied, non-disabled individuals on the internet voiced their disagreement with the couple’s decision and attacked any disabled individual for having a differing opinion on the situation…

This got me thinking a lot about my condition and how I’ve deteriorated over the past three years with no lasting sign of improvement.

The Osbournes put their plan in place to ensure that, if they lose capacity, they’ll be put out of their misery via assisted suicide.

Assisted suicide is an expensive choice – the only available option in the UK is to travel to Switzerland, which costs around £9,000.

Right now, if I had the option to put assisted suicide in place for when I become too much of a liability to my loved ones and lack quality in my life, I’d be doing it.
Sadly, I don’t have £9,000 lying around.

When I showed my support for the couple, I got an overwhelming number of comments and messages saying very similar things:

  • But what about the people left behind?
  • It’s such a horrible way to watch people die.
  • If it’s legalised, they’ll make it mandatory.

The idea that people don’t want dignity in dying/assisted suicide legalised in the UK because it’ll hurt the people left behind or they’re worried people who don’t want to die will be forced to die is… Beyond me.

I can’t stress enough how terrifying it is to be stuck in my own body…
As someone who regularly has paralysis – whether in my limbs or across my body – I wouldn’t want to be like that for the rest of my life, and if that was the case… I’d want someone to end it.
My entire life is based on enjoying my hobbies, spending time with my loved ones, and doing the things I love without assistance from others.
I’ve made sacrifices – I can no longer do many of my hobbies, I can no longer travel alone, and I can’t even bathe alone anymore.
So, with confidence, I can say that I wouldn’t want to be stuck in my body without being able to do the things I love.

I suppose my horror thought of this week is the idea of entrapment. Being trapped in my own body, unable to end my suffering, and having nobody able to do it.

Assisted suicide should be a last resort or final request situation – for people who are chronically or terminally ill. It shouldn’t be a given freely, nor forced, but it should be an option because we shouldn’t be made to endure for the sake of the people around us.

And with that said and done, stick around for more horror thoughts, spooky content, and horror recommendations coming in the rest of October!

Take care and Happy Spooky Season.



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