Trauma Art: The Shadow Man

It’s time for some Trauma Art.
I have selected several real-life trauma prompts – from my own life or those around me – and have created fiction and art for each.

This Week’s Prompt:
Bipolar Psychosis – The Shadow Man

ALT Text: Towering shadowed figure in black and red reaching out, short femme character in black and green. Text: “He’s Coming”

Explanation Time:

Another personal prompt for me, but my art skills just aren’t what they need to be to pull this off.
I have hallucinations on a regular, almost daily basis. For me, they can be anything from rain inside to voices to shadow figures watching me.
A reoccurring one, which has been happening regularly since January 2021, is the Shadow Man.
He’s tall, always hunched over when indoors, and stares from afar. He’s reached out a few times, specifically when I’m in bed and trying to sleep.
But that’s what I deal with.

I chose red and green because green is the colour for Bipolar Awareness typically, and red is the complimentary colour.

I wrote He’s Coming simply because he’s always a little closer than I want him to be – specifically when I need him not to be.
If you’ve ever had someone jump-scare you at the worst possible moment, you’ll understand what I mean.

But that’s it.
That’s the piece.

Stay tuned for more horror and trauma content coming in the remaining days of October!



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