Horror Thought Sunday: Superstitions

Welcome back to another Horror Thought Sunday.

Another week down, another to go! Let’s have a look at this week’s schedule!

The Schedule

This week is exciting because we’re looking at a range of stuff, most of which are sleep-related!
For our Trauma prompt on Monday and Tuesday, I will be delving into my sleep paralysis – paired with my psychosis. For anyone who doesn’t know what sleep paralysis is, it’s a condition where the brain wakes before the body – causing a period of paralysis for the person.

Wednesday and Saturday, we will be fighting Paranormal and Supernatural entities! Your playlist and movie recommendations will be out on those days, respectively.

Thursday and Friday will be centred around a fourth-wall-breaking horror situation – I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I’ll leave it like this.

Plenty to look forward to; now, let’s look at today’s prompt!

Horror Thought Sunday

Are you superstitious?

Recently, I was asked if I’m superstitious. Instinctively, I said no.
However, looking back on how I act daily – I think I am, but not consciously.

When I want something to happen, I cross my fingers – which comes from pre-Christian Western Europe – which is supposed to draw in good luck.

I don’t put shoes on tables because it’s a symbol/invitation for death.

I knock on wood to avoid bad luck; which has so many theories on where that comes from, and most of them seem like a good reason to knock on wood.

I’ll throw a pinch of salt over my shoulder to cancel out the bad luck you get from spilling it.

Magpies: while I don’t salute them – I do see one, three, or more as a bad omen, and it’s always been true unless I say hi to them. Always say hi to your magpies and ask them how their love is.
I don’t rock an empty rocking chair because it invites someone to sit in it. If I knock into our rocking chair, I immediately try to stop it from rocking and say goodbye.

And finally, mirrors. When someone dies in my family, or social circle, I cover all the mirrors in my room. This is from the idea that souls could get drawn in and trapped in them. But I also try avoiding breaking mirrors because, as someone who broke a mirror aged 12 – I can confirm that seven years of bad luck do follow… A week later, I simultaneously dislocated and tore the ligaments in my ankle, which put me in a wheelchair due to nerve damage…

So, while I can walk under a ladder and I’m not afraid of black cats, I am still superstitious. And honestly, I didn’t even fully realise it until I started writing it out. I know, looking at this list, it seems that I am – but these are all everyday things to me and are second nature when enacting them.
We’re all superstitious in some way…
How superstitious are you?

And with that said and done, stick around for more horror thoughts, spooky content, and horror recommendations coming in the rest of October!

Take care and Happy Spooky Season.



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