Trauma Art: Crushing Weight

It’s time for some Trauma Art.
I have selected several real-life trauma prompts – from my own life or those around me – and have created fiction and art for each.

This Week’s Prompt:
Sleep Paralysis – Crushing Weight

ALT Text: Person laid in bed with a demon crouching on their chest. Blues used to simulate rain in the background, blue shirt on the person. Orange writing: “Sometimes I can’t move when I wake. It’s like something is sat on my chest.

Explanation Time:

This piece was surprisingly fun to create…
I decided to go for a person staring up at a demon on their chest because that’s the most common experience for people with sleep paralysis. Not everyone sees a demon; it just feels like something or someone is balancing on your chest.
As someone with psychosis as well, I have had the moment of waking and seeing the demon before my eyes catch up, and I’m just stuck there for an hour.
That said – I added the rain in the background specifically for the psychosis.
The position of the demon and its stance, was the easiest thing to draw of this – but this piece does show that I can’t see faces well because they’re atrocious.
Because of the blues used, I decided to write in orange.

And that’s it. That’s the artwork.
The accompanying fiction will be released tomorrow so stick around!

Stay tuned for more horror and trauma content coming in the remaining days of October!



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