03:02: Bloodied Whispers – Horror Flash Fiction

Welcome to Trauma Fiction Tuesdays.
I’ve selected several real-life trauma prompts – from my own life or those around me – and have written fiction for each.

This Week’s Prompt:
Sleep Paralysis – Crushing Weight

The following story discusses Psychosis, Sleep Paralysis, and Paranormal Entities.
This piece is heavily fictional.


It happens every night like clockwork.

3:02 AM comes around, and I’m shocked awake, gasping for air, and unable to move. 

After years of waiting, I’m finally visiting the sleep clinic for observation…

“Right, Blair, just go to sleep as usual. We’ll watch you via the camera feed and monitor your brain activity using the patches on your head,” a nurse explains, a somewhat creepy smile on her face – as if she’s forcing it. 

“Okay,” I mumble as I lay down in the hospital bed and pull the thin covers over myself. Anti-suffocation bedsheets… Great.

The nurse leaves, the lights slowly dim, and I’m left in the darkness. The only light coming from my alarm clock and the pinpoint lights on the monitoring equipment. I sigh and close my eyes, blocking out the faint lights. Just go to sleep.

I awaken suddenly, eyes wide and chest heavy. Gasping as I stare up at the crouched being on my chest. I can’t see much, but the red glow of the clock is enough to show me its outline. It’s time…

As I struggle for each breath, the creature leans forward. The alarm clock’s light shines on its face as it approaches mine.

My mouth opens, as if to scream, but nothing comes out. I force air out of my lungs, hoping for the microphones in the room to pick up my gasping.

My eyelids feel heavy as its hand tightens around my throat, my airways sealing as the creature smiles down at me.

The lights turn on suddenly, the brightness scorching my eyes. I blink rapidly, trying to stabilise my sight. The hand has retracted, but the weight is still there. 

As my eyes begin to focus and I return to reality, I realise that the nurse is screaming and the monster on my chest is real.

It hisses as it bounces on my chest, forcing all the air from my lungs. 

If it hadn’t been for the nurse’s scream, I’d assume I was dreaming… 

Still unable to move, I watch the creature lunge at the nurse. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it grab her by the hair and repeatedly smash her head against the wall.

The monster laughs in a high-pitched and maniacal tone as it bashes her head – her skull caving in, her blood painting the room as it splashes with every impact. 

The poor nurse’s body is dropped to the ground – a pool of blood forming on the white, laminated floor.

The creature looks at me with big red eyes and a broad yellow smile as it begins to jump in the bloody puddle.

I turn my head to watch, my limbs still frozen and my chest still heavy. Tears begin rolling off my face as I try to scream for help again, but my voice remains silent.

“This is what you get, Blair,” the monster cackles, stopping its jumping and lunges across the room – once again crouching on my chest. It forces me to look at it, holding my head between its hands, claw-like fingers digging into my temples. As it leans down, its face inches away from mine – black saliva begins to drop from its mouth and onto my face. I squeeze my eyes shut as it whispers, “this is what you get.” 



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