The Haunted Playlist

Supernatural and Paranormal Horrors are the most popular in the genre.
For example, The Conjuring has earned $2.1 billion with eight films – while the Resident Evil live-action films only earned $1.2 billion with six films.
While Zombie films are many and plentiful, and regularly earn a series or two, the success of paranormal and supernatural films are unmatched. After all, the highest-grossing horror film of all time is currently IT – which earned over $700m alone [Chapter 2 earned $473m – which means the films combined almost topped the six live-action Resident Evil films].

Now, that all said and done, let’s get onto the music. I’ve selected the best pieces from some of the best paranormal and supernatural horror films – and added in some familiar horror music (not necessarily from the subgenres) for good measure.

Check out the playlist:

Looking for Playlist Links? I’ve got ya covered!

[Note: Dance of Death by Audiomachine is not available on Spotify.]

I’ll see you tomorrow for some more spooky season content.

Take care!



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