Trauma Art: View of Self

It’s time for some Trauma Art.
I have selected several real-life trauma prompts – from my own life or those around me – and have created fiction and art for each.

This Week’s Prompt:
View of Self

ALT Text: Self portrait with orange and brown hair, wearing an orange dress with white collar and black bow.

Explanation Time:

Trying to figure out what to draw today was a struggle, but I got it!
I decided to do a self-portrait with the prompt View of Self.
Trying to draw a self-portrait as someone who can’t see faces, including my own face, is a difficult thing to accomplish, but using the logic of where eyes and noses should be – I at least can draw a face.
Is it good? No. Is it accurate? Not even close. But in my simplistic and messy style, it’s the best I can do.
I didn’t make me happy in the portrait because I’m not. Even when manic, I’m not actually happy; it’s just a forced feeling of happiness shrouded with depression.
So, here’s me – in a way that I see myself.
I have a round face, I’m out of proportion, and I look like my lips are constantly chapped, but in reality, they’re just strangely a much lighter shade than they should be unless I put a gloss on.

This is the final entry for horror week – barring, of course, the release of The Little Ones tomorrow.
But stick around; there’s a surprise in store!



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