Theodora Rosenberg

Welcome to the world of a distinguished queer spoonie.

My name is Theodora Rosenberg. I’m an advocate, bestselling author, and creator.

At the age of 16, I founded an online magazine supporting the LGBTQIA community and advocating for mental and physical health care. We published monthly and weekly for nearly four years. It ran between 01/01/2014 – 28/05/2018.

I have continued advocating for the LGBTQIA community and run Leaving ED to support people with Eating Disorders. While also actively advocating for the disabled community, as someone with a chronic illness myself.

I provide graphic design and fiction services, such as Ghostwriting, Copywriting, and Roleplay, as a chronically creative individual.

This is my story; this is my site; welcome to the party.

Non-Binary | They/Them | AuDHD | Functional Neurological Disorder | Ambulatory Wheelchair User | Non-Epileptic Seizures | Dyslexic & Dyspraxic | Bipolar Disorder | Jewish

[Please Note: Novels by Theodora Rosenberg are currently in re-works. They were previously published under an alternative name.]

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