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There’s one very important, unspoken rule in my friend group, which I’ve adhered to for years: never date inside the friend group.
They’ve all dated each other, so there’s an abundance of history among my peers. And the only way to avoid it, is to avoid being a part of it.
Sadly, choosing to remain uninvolved is much easier than trying not to catch feelings.

This story contains masturbation, blurred consent lines, and a caught scenario.

Erotic Short Story

Available for free online and downloadable for easy offline reading and safekeeping.


About the Author

Five-time bestselling author, Theodora started writing at the young age of eight – with their first novel published in 2017 aged nineteen.
They’re a typical northern Brit with an accent Americans regularly question during their work as a radio presenter.
Asking them what words would describe them most, they responded: “Queer, Jewish, Crackers”.

Non-Binary | Omniromantic | Jewish Pagan | Chronically Ill

Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2023 by Theodora Rosenberg
All rights are reserved. This novel, or any percentage thereof, may not be replicated or used in any way of any kind without the direct written consent of the writer except for the use of brief extracts in a book critique or academic journal.

All characters and events in this novel are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

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