MY MATE – Chapter Five

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“That’s the gate?” I ask. Webster nods. “And the blade?”

Webster nods again, “here it is.” He says, passing me a two-horned blade.

“Thanks….” I say.

Kier does a chant, and the door of the crypt opens, the gate. “Who wants to go first?” Kier chimes up.

He laughs, “me first then.”

He jumps in, vanishing into a pool of black. “Me next,” Luke says before stepping in and disappearing.

“Our turn,” Billie tells me, taking my hand in hers. “I’ll see you down there, Webster,” she nods before stepping toward the gate. “Ready?” She asks, looking at me. I nod, “okay, 3, 2, 1!” And we jump.

I land with a thud. “Ouch,” I say, rubbing my elbow.

Billie stands up and runs over to me. “Are you okay?” She probes.

“I’m fine, just knocked my elbow,” I confess.

She smiles. “As long as you’re okay.”

“Ladies,” Webster says as he steps through the portal, “let’s get this done.”

“How did you do that?” Kier questions, a look of confusion on his face.

“What do you mean?”

“Just walk through without falling,” Kier says.

He chuckles. “Magix.”


“I’ll get rid of the guards,” Lucifer whispers.

I nod, as he goes and takes care of them, leaving Mortifer alone. “Our turn, run!” Webster yells in a whisper. And in a flash we’re (Webster, Kier and myself) on top of Mortifer, pinning her down.

Mizore stands over Mortifer, dagger in hand. “You don’t get to hurt anyone else,” she says, rage in her voice. And then she lunges forward, plunging the blade into Mortifer’s chest. “Never again.”

Mortifer begins to wither. “WHY?” She screams.

Luke stands over her, next to Mizore. “Because you can’t gain power, nor can we trust you,” he tells her, a smile on his face.

“Brother…” she says before her souls leaves her body and her body turning to dust.

I pick up the blade and look at them. “Let’s get rid of this stupid law, now,” I tell them.

We walk back to the portal only to be stopped by a Fury. “What have you done?!” Her partner… Mortifer’s Love?

“Jeremiah, just leave it,” Luke tells him.

“How can I? You killed my mate!” He screams.

“Fuck this,” I mumble before speeding over and stabbing him in the chest. “Bye-bye.”


“Billie!” Mel yells from the foot of the stairs, just as she has done every day since I began college with Mizzie. I groan as I try to pry myself out of bed. I may be a vampyre, but that doesn’t stop me from liking sleep. “Billie! Get the fuck out of bed, don’t make me come in there!” She yells.

“Sweetie, you need to get up,” Mizzie whispers in my ear. I smile and open my eyes, she’s ready for college already. “Last day of the year, and then we have a nice long two weeks,” she smiles.

“Billie!” Mel yells again.

“She’s up, Mum!” Mizzie shouts back, smiling. “C’mon! Today will be fun, it’s a Christmas special at college,” she smiles.

I sigh, sitting up. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t get disturbed,” I tell her.

She nods. “Let’s go then,” she tells me.

For the past nine months, we have been struggling with an onslaught of daemons. The Angels have been struggling to keep them at bay, due to this there was a massacre at the college, 14 humans were killed, 2 wolves and a shape-shifter… we lost Cori…

It’s been a couple of days since the last day of college. Mizzie and I decided to stay an extra 2 years at college, so we’ve been studying Literature and Photography. And today is Christmas, I have been waiting for this day since October. I loved Halloween but Christmas day is essential. I have a significant present for my sweet Mizore.

“Merry Christmas!” She sings as she dances down the stairs, a bounce in her step.

“It’s time for you to open your presents, Mizzie,” Mel sings back to her.

They’re both so excited, I can see it on their faces. I pick up the main present for Mizzie. “Here is your first present from me, Mizzie,” I tell her, a smile growing on my face as well as hers.

“Thank you so much,” she smiles, finally opening the gift. A 1st edition copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’ from my personal library back home where I grew up. She smiles, a tear rolling down her face. “It’s beautiful,” she whispers. “Thank you,” she screams before putting the book carefully down and jumping on me. I clutch each thigh in my hands, keeping her upright. “I love you so much,” she tells me before smothering me with kisses.

Christmas is undoubtedly a time for loved ones and family. I love my family, my friends… my love.

“Good morning, Sweetcheeks,” Billie mumbles against my belly, kissing around my belly button. I sigh, biting my bottom lip as she continues kissing, moving down towards my crotch. Her fingers slowly, clawing at my shorts, pulling them down, revealing my white cotton pants. “I love you so much,” she moans, moving my pants aside and kissing sex before spreading my lips and nipping my clit with her teeth playfully.

I let my head fall back on my pillow and let out a moan of pleasure. I hear her giggle, her warm breath against my sex and her tongue flickering against my clit. She pulls back, looking up at me with a broad smile. “Shhh, keep it down, Mel will hear you,” she giggles before ducking again and sucking hard before making her way back up my belly, moving my shirt up over my breasts. “I’ve wanted to do this for a while,” she smiles taking my breasts in her hands before enveloping my left nipple in her mouth. I moan again, arching my body in response to the pleasure, grinding my groin against Billie as she sits on top of me. She sits up, releasing my breast and putting her a hand at either side of my head, looking down at me, her iris’ black and her pupils blue – I don’t know whether to get even more aroused due to how hot she looks or get scared due to the look in her eyes.

“I love you, so much – it’s almost impossible for me to resist you,” she groans, her eyes filled with lust. She leans down in a second, attacking my lips with hers, taking my breath away. She grabs my waist, pulling me up from underneath her, making me wrap my legs around her waist, feeling her groin throb against mine through her boxer shorts. She starts kissing my cheek, moving down to my jaw following it from the left, to my chin and back to the right before trailing down my neck, making a trail of kisses on my neck. She stops for a second and moans as she begins to lick the base of my neck, just above my collarbone. “You’re mine,” she mumbles, her warm breath against my skin before biting, piercing my skin. It isn’t a painful hurt; it’s quite pleasurable. She pulls up to look at my face; her eyes have gone back to green, resting her forehead against mine as she smiles. “I love you so much…” she murmurs before laying me back down in our bed. “Get some sleep,” she whispers, lying next to me, wrapping her arms around my waist and cuddling up to me, pulling my shirt down and resting her head on my chest before closing her eyes and pulling me close.

“I love you,” I whisper, stroking her hair and cuddling her close.

She tilts her head up to look at me; a small, sleepy smile on her face. “I love you, too.”


My beautiful Queen…


“Amelia! Mizore! Wake up!” I hear someone yelling from downstairs. “Billie, it’s happening! It’s beginning!” I hear them shout, banging on our bedroom door.

I get out of bed, pulling on my clothes and making my way over to the door, opening the door to find Webster and Avril waiting for us. “What’s going on?” I question.

“The fight began, and so far, it’s not looking good! We need you!” Avril tells me with a sense of urgency.

I groan, fuck… “Okay, give us a few minutes.”


“Billie!” I hear Mizore yell through the sound of ringing in my ear. What the hell is this thing?

I look up through the blood in my eyes and on my face to see a blue beast, slashing and ripping me to shreds. “Fuck this,” I mumble before pouncing on her, getting my fangs out and ripping out her throat. I drop the body to the ground, with it now being empty of blood, I’m in need of more. I look around me, dead and injured bodies of my friends on the ground, wolves and warriors fighting for survival all around us while Mizzie is struggling in Webster’s grasp as he tries to pull her away and get her to safety. “Mizzie, go!” I yell, and through her sobs and tears, she nods before opening her wings, picking Webster up and flying away. I know he’ll protect her, he must.

I head into the crowd, seeing the angels fighting the daemons and the Furies working well to protects the humans, whether they be wolves, Wesen or otherwise.

That’s when I see it, Kier being attacked, his spine and gullet being the only thing keeping his head attached to his body.

In a rage, I lunge forward ripping the savage off of my friend, it’s Kai… “Kai, what are you doing?!” I yell before drop kicking her into a brick wall, her human form looking fragile but somehow being robust enough to crash through.

“Kai hasn’t been in here for a while, you petty bitch,” she snarls. How long?

“Who are you?” I growl, tears welling up in my eyes, my throat burning from the cold winter’s air. This is probably the world’s worst New Year’s Day ever if this is happening everywhere as we expect it to be.

“Nukpana,” she roars. Fire rages behind her, her body being engulfed before she walks out of the flames. “Time to die, my fair Queen,” she barks, plunging forward tackling me to the ground.

“Kai, you must be in there! Wake up!” I scream, holding her above me as her human form struggles.

She growls, “Kai died! She committed suicide! Don’t you understand?!” She rumbles.

And then I look at her neck, Nukpana was right, there was clear bruising and scratch marks… she may not have committed suicide, but she was definitely hung. She’s gone. “Goodbye, my sweet,” I whisper, taking hold of Kai’s head and snapping her neck before ripping it off. The body of my former friend hits the ground.

I crawl over to Kier, he’s still alive but only barely. “Is she?” He mumbles, tears dripping down his head. His voice box barely working.

“Yeah… she’s gone, Kier,” I tell him, tears running down my face. I’d become so fond of them both… they were my best friends.

“Kill me,” he whispers.

“Kier, I can’t….” I cry.

“Please, I can’t do this myself. My spine is broken… I can’t live without her,” he whispers, whimpering in pain.

“Goodbye, old friend,” I sob taking hold of his head and ripping it off. I place it down next to his body. “I’m so sorry….”

Someone places their hand on my shoulder, I turn to find that it’s Luke. “It’s time to go, mam,” he tells me.

I nod as he wraps his arms around me, opening his coal-black wings and flying away with me. I look down on my city, my home, the place I grew up only to see fire and death. Hell has risen.


“Luke!” Avril screams, running to his aid, slashing the daemon in a downward motion, cutting off the daemon’s head.

“Thanks, baby,” he mumbles, ripping the daemon’s hand off of his neck.

She smiles, wiping the blood off of her face. “Anytime.”

“Where’s Mizzie?” I ask, looking all around me. She was missing. “Mizore!” I scream. I turn to Alistair, who is currently hunched over a daemon, sucking the soul out of it. “Alistair, do you know where Mizore is?”I ask, running up to him.

He sucks up the final pieces of the soul and turns to me, his eyes black and his face covered in blood. “She’s with Webster, he got her out of here as soon as Harrogate was clear.”

“Fuck…”I mumble, looking down at my hands, wiping the blood off my face.”How many fights are left?” I ask.

“One,”Luke sighs, looking to Avril. “There is the final war, it’s in the resting place of the fallen,” he mumbles.

“The underworld?” Alistair asks.

I nod and look at Luke. “We may have a problem….”

“What’s wrong?” Avril asks.

I sigh. “It’s just us… we have no one else who can fight in the underworld… we need to recruit,” Luke mutters, his voice uneven and angry, he begins to walk off into the distance. “Let’s do this,” he yells to us before opening his wings. There are millions of them… and only 7 or so of us… where’re the furies when we need them…


“How are we supposed to win a war when we only have nine warriors?” Webster yells, almost pulling his hair out of his head. He’s been waiting for Electra to return but she hasn’t, and he’s either worried, or he thinks she’s helping the daemons…

“Ten,” Mizzie mutters, standing up. “I’m coming with you,” she tells him.

“No,” I refuse. “I can’t risk you!”

“In a game of Chess, the queen is the most powerful, we have two… we need you both,” Luke nods to Mizzie, agreeing with her that she should join us.

“And if she gets killed?” I probe.

“She won’t, you’re not the only one who has powers, she’s been training, too,” he informs me.

I growl. “You either let me join you, or you’re going to get killed,” Mizzie growls back at me.

Unfortunately, she’s right.


It’s time for the final battle… Electra should have been here weeks ago, I don’t understand what’s happening.

I step through the portal for the last time, meeting Luke and his men, Mizore, Billie and Avril. “Let’s go,” Luke nods to us.

“Wait,” Billie says, stepping forward and taking hold of Mizzie’s hand. “Just in case,” she announces before leaning forward and kissing Mizzie. When she pulls away, she strokes her face a little, whispering, “I love you.”

I sigh, walking past them. I wish Electra were here…

“Let’s go,” Mizzie tells us, pulling Billie by the hand and leading the way.

“We must fight for the freedom of all of those who deserve it! Stand with us!” I scream, some of the Furies nod and roar agreeing with us while some question and some laugh due to being recruited by Mortifer’s creations.

“Why would we fight with you?” A female Fury yells. “You’re a God; you’re filth!” She screams.

I chuckle at her stupidity. “I am no such thing, I am a Fury like you,” I smile.

“Don’t listen to the creature,” I hear another female say, I turn around to find Electra.

“Electra?” I say, shock filling me.

“You’re working for the other side… How could you?” She asks, a tear of electrified water dripping down her cheek.

I look at her, a confused expression on my face. “What team do you think I’m on?” I probe.

“You’re working with Vlad…” She questions, pain on her face.

“Vlad is running the evil side?” Billie asks coming into the room.

Electra falls to her knees. “Your grace,” she mutters.

“Electra, Webster is working with us, you have no issues with him,” she tells her.

She looks up. “But your grace, he was working with Mortifer!” She screams before looking down at her hands.

I guess the gig is up.


“What does she mean you’ve been working with them?!” I scream, a stabbing pain shooting through my chest, I trusted him.

“It’s not what you think,” he groans.

I clench my fists. “Then what is it?!” I yell, my face inches away from his as Mizzie pulls me back, trying to stop me from fighting him.

“I needed to get into their ranks to find out who was behind it, nobody would say!” He roars, his face turning red with anger before stepping back and becoming calm. “I needed to know who it was….”

“Why? What did that do for you?” I rage, pulling out of Mizzie’s grasp and strolling up to Webster.

He sighs and looks to Electra. “I needed to make sure it wasn’t you,” he tells her.

“I was fighting for the Queen!” She says, her voice portraying the levels of anger.

He strides over to her. “Then why didn’t you decide to help before now? We have lost people because we were one God down. If you were there, Kai wouldn’t have been killed and possessed. Kier wouldn’t have had to be put down like a stray dog! We needed you! We lost friends because you were too fucking scared to face your own daemons!” He yells getting in her face. An electrified tear rolling down her cheek.

“They’re dead….” She mumbles.

She knew them?

He nods, “and Cori,” he tells her with a lump in his throat. He sounded as if he was about to fall into a pool of tears. “I needed to know, whether or not it was you. I needed to know that you didn’t kill them.”

“Why were they so important to you?” I ask.

Webster frowns, a tear rolling down his cheek. “Kai and Cori were our grandchildren… we couldn’t save their parents, we tried our best for those two and the rest of the pack…” he pauses. “But you didn’t come,” he says, turning to Electra, his voice was so harsh compared to how he usually sounded and acted.

Electra burst into tears, covering her face as she sobbed. “I’m sorry!” She yells. “I’m so sorry,” she mumbles through her hands. Webster takes hold of her, wrapping his long arms around her petite form.

I look to the Furies. “Who will fight with us?” I question, and in seconds, the entire room was filled with Furies, all stood up, willing to fight. “Well then,” I pause, a smile on my face, although we’ve lost our friends, we will have a chance to take care of those upstairs on earth. And with a smile on my face, I continue, “let’s begin.”


“Charge!” Vlad screams as his minions charge forward. Out of all the daemons that could have risen against me, he did…

In seconds it was bloodshed, the daemons were ripping a few of the Furies limb from limb while some of the Furies were eating the daemons. It was a slaughterhouse. “It’s just you and me,” Regan yells.

“No,” Vlad yells. “We need her alive until the end!” He screams. Regan apparently didn’t care at this point… after all, you can’t control an Echidna. There’s a reason why they’re called the mother of all monsters… She springs forward to bite me, and I dodge. That’s when Vlad lunges forward and beheads her. “Why couldn’t she just take an order?!” He yells in anger…

“Because she was expendable…” I told him as her head returns to her body behind him. She’s on our side.

He realises what I was suggesting and turns around just in time for Regan to lunge at him, digging her teeth into his gullet, gargling his own blood as he tries to scream. As his body goes limp, she lets go. “How was that, my Queen?” She asks.

“Perfect!” I smile, “now, protect Mizzie as she fights!” I tell her before running to the aid of Avril, kicking a daemon off of her and cutting off its head before using my powers to ignite the body. “Are you okay?” I ask her.

She sighs. “I’m as good as I can be on a battlefield,” she laughs, wiping the blood off of her face. “Let’s go!” She yells, taking my hand and pulling me in a charge formation.

Time to get rid of all these daemons.


We cannot lose if we lose… who knows what will happen to Electra and Luke for siding with the Queen.

As I rip a daemon’s head off, I hear Electra scream in the distance. “Web!” She yells in agony.

I rush over to her, “Ele, what’s wrong?” I ask, picking her up off the floor. That’s when I see the blood dripping down from her stomach. “Why would they stab you, only a-” I say cutting myself off… no…


“Billie!” Webster yells, my head snaps to his direction, and that’s when I see who is lying, dying in his arms; Electra.

“Fuck!” I whisper to myself, I turn to Avril. “I got to go help Web. Are you okay here?” I ask.

She nods. “Save her!” She yells over the screams of death, ripping a daemon’s head off before walking away into another crowd of them.

I run over to Web, sitting beside them. Electra smiles. “You’re going to make a great Queen,” she mumbles, blood on her lips.

“I god damn hope so,” I laugh, smiling down at her. I look to Webster. “What can I do?” I question.

He sighs. “Feed her your blood,” he tells me.

“What?” I mumble. By doing this, she would turn into a Vampyre.

Webster sighs, “I understand the consequences,” he read my mind. “Just please, her powers of being a goddess have been taken, someone had a Holy Blade, she’s just human… She needs to be changed into a Vampyre or into a Fury. She can’t die…” he shouts at me, trailing off at the end as a tear rolls down his cheek.

“She may not survive the change to become a Vampyre, Webster,” I tell him. I’ve seen the change happen only once, it looked and filled the room with death… Vampires can carry children, they can produce both Human and Vampyre off-spring… My twin brother Jaxon was a human… At eighteen my parents tried to turn him, he wanted it due to dying of cancer, he wanted to be with me forever… We were close as children… But, that’s not how it happened. Once their Alpha venom was injected into his blood, the change began, and he started to get paler and paler until he drew his last breath. He had screamed for almost 12 hours before he finally died… He didn’t survive the revival. Once they die, we have 2 hours to inject our beta venom into a subject’s blood to change him. If only it were as easy to change someone as it said in the books. Jaxon died that day, we didn’t have enough beta to pump into him… we needed one more Vampyre. “Webster, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it!” I yell in frustration.

“It’s our only chance!” He screams in despair.

I look down to Electra. “Do it. If I die, Luke will make me a Fury, it’s okay,” she tells me. Either way, there is a high chance of them not being able to be together… Furies can’t be together biologically or otherwise. Some of them can’t even see each other…

But there is a chance for them… I look at Web and then back down to Electra. I bite my arm before sliding underneath her, resting her head on my lap. That’s when she uses the last of her powers to talk to me. “If anything happens to me, look after Webster,” she tells me through thoughts. I nod. “Good night, my Queen,” she says as her eyes flutter shut and she enters a dream state. “Is that normal?” Webster asks, I nod. She’s going to make it.


The war is won. As I sit here, with my mate laid on my lap, surrounded by hundreds or maybe even thousands of burning bodies; I must wait for Ele to die. “Webster, we need to move her to the human world – if we don’t we’ll lose her completely,” Billie insists, I nod in response, knowing the consequences. If she stays here too long, now that she is not a God, she will begin to fade away and crumble. Billie picks her up and starts to run toward the portal.

“Stop!” Avril yells. Billie turns around to face us, and then I see what she did, a daemon walks up to Billie from behind her and stabs her through the chest, the Holy Blade.

She lets out a roar of agony before falling to the ground. Mizzie screams, her eyes flashing red and her wings stretching out behind her; she uses her rage to charge the daemon, taking his blade and cutting off his head. She turns and pays her full attention to the now dying Billie. Sweet, Amelia.

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