MY MATE – Chapter Four


“So, what’s going to happen?” Kai asks.

I sigh, “Web is going to help her, but if he doesn’t, I’ll be sending him down to hell to rot.”

She laughs, “He’s immortal, and he can’t go to hell.”

I shake my head, “He may be immortal but he’s still a Fury, he’s not getting out without the help of an Angel or a God, which won’t happen because none of us will get him out.”

“Don’t you think that is a bit cruel?” She asks.

I chuckle, an evil tone to my laughter, “not at all.”


I have no choice. I can either help her and break my promise to Electra, or I get sentenced to life with Mortifer because Electra wouldn’t save me from the torture. Which leaves me with one question, what do I have to lose? Electra left me to hide from her fellow royals due to our history being discovered. She hid from them but also me. And now a royal needs me, and it’s either a fate worse than death or a lack of love, which I have felt for over 500 years already…

I should help the royal.


“Stay here,” Kier orders, I nod in response and sigh.

Kier goes into the house, leaving me to lean against my car, waiting for something to happen. “Why the fuck is there a Fury outside?!” I hear someone yell from within the house.

“Calm the fuck down!” Kier responds to the fearful woman.

Then the door opens, and Kier and 5 other people walk out to meet me. “Amelia, Mizzie, Melanie, Kai and Cori, meet Webster Baxter.” He tells them, presenting me with a gesture. “Web, this is your new student, Amelia.”

I take Amelia’s hand, raising it to my lips and leaving a small mark on it as I kiss her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Amy,” I tell her with a smirk, looking at the beautiful creature. She smiles as I let go of her hand only to slap me, well and truly in a daze.

“I’m taken, you creep! Back off!” She yells before storming off and taking hold of Mizzie’s hand.

Well… That didn’t go as expected! I guess I’m losing my charm.


“I am going to teach you how to use your magic. Do you understand, Amelia?” I explain.

She stares at me with a bewildered look on her face. “I have magic?” She questions.

This is clearly going to be harder than I thought…

“Yes, Princess. You have magic.”

She scowls, “don’t mock me.”

“Okay…” I look down, how am I supposed to work with someone who is utterly clueless. “Right, there are 5 things you need to learn so that you can teach yourself how to do other things…”

“I thought you were going to teach me,” she states.

I chuckle, “I can’t teach you everything. I can only teach you the basics, which will then make your mind open up and learn by itself.”

“You’re a bigot,” she declares.

“And you’re a leech who will most likely fail to save your partner unless you trust me, so get over it,” I growl, deliberately trying to piss her off.

“Don’t talk about her like that!” She screams, her eyes turning black with her pupil turning blue, she’s already undergoing step one.

“I wonder…”

“What?” She asks.

“Do you know that your eyes change colour when you’re angry?” She nods. “Well, that’s one of your powers, it shows when you’re upset, but if you learn to control it, you’ll be able to use it when you’re not mad.”

“What will I be able to do?” She asks.

“Fly, levitate, move objects… You’ll basically look like Thor and Yoda’s love child.”

“Hmm…” she mumbles, pacing away from me. She turns back to me, her eyes black with her blue pupils, “Let’s get started.”


“Why does this have to hurt like a little bitch?” I groan, a fiery shooting pain going up my spine.

“Maybe because you’re weak. When was the last time you fed?” Webster mocks, a small chuckle almost seeping through his cold and broken personality.

“Fuck you.”

Webster smiles at me, “and I thought we were getting somewhere.” He laughs.

“I don’t need to feed. I drank two pints of blood before I even got here.” I tell him.

“Two Pints of what?” He asks; his face and voice synchronising, becoming cold and stone-like.

“Animal blood,” I tell him, looking down. I know I need to drink Human blood to unlock my full powers and to stop the pain, but I can’t do it. I can’t hurt someone.


I tell her to drink but she won’t! I tell her to drink from me or someone who won’t die but she won’t! She won’t even drink from a blood bag from the donation centre. I don’t know what to do.

She’s useless…

“How is our student coming along?” Kier asks.

I sigh, “More stubborn than I initially thought…” I pause, “she’s fine with doing everything that I thought she wouldn’t. But if she doesn’t drink, she’s going to be a sitting duck out there.”

We exchange a look of concern before going our own way.

I can’t let her die.


We need to get her some food – some human blood – and then attempt to feed it to her… “Got any plan on how we’re going to get her to drink this?” Web asks me.

I laugh at his question, feeling tired and powerless and completely unable to save my Queen. “I honestly don’t know… We need some inside help; I’d suggest Mel, but Billie will probably guess or realise what’s happening.”

He smiles at me. “How about we get someone she wouldn’t expect?”

“Like who?”

His smile widens, “how about that amazing little princess of hers?” He’s talking about Mizzie…

“And get her to do what? Billie wouldn’t dare drink from her,” I tell him.

He facepalms, “I don’t mean it like that, if we can get Mizzie to stab Billie with a vial of liquid silver, Billie will fall asleep.”

I can feel a shocked expression on my face, “that will kill her!”

Webster shakes his head, with an expression on his face that basically questions me about whether or not I’m stupid. “She won’t die; she’ll be perfectly fine. She is a born Vampyre, this basically means that everything that kills an impure Vampyre will just put Billie to sleep.”

I sigh, I should have known… I keep forgetting she was born not made. “I’m sorry for doubting you.”

He smiles. “It’s fine, but I have a question.”

“Ask away.”

His smile begins to disappear, “Why does Amy go by the name Billie?”

I sigh and smile, it’s understandable to ask about this, I’m quite surprised Mizzie hasn’t asked me yet. “Mel’s father, Bill, was the Hunter that saved her when she was a kid. A hunting tribe had attempted to kill her, for the only reason being that they’d never seen a Vampyre be born before, they’d never heard of it… So, they assumed she was the anti-Christ.”

“Why did Bill save her?” He asks.

“Because Bill wasn’t just a monster hunter; he was also a family friend – he knew they were vegetarians, he tried to stop them from killing her parents, but he didn’t succeed so he took Amelia from the other hunters. She was 25, they took care of her until Bill died and then my brother, Mickey, moved into town. He’d been tracking her since she was born, but due to the lack of dead bodies, he couldn’t find her. She hadn’t and has never drunk a single drop of human blood thanks to Bill. That’s why she goes by Billie because he saved her and he died for her, just like Karen did back in 2000,” I say, looking down at my hands. I look back up. Webster is staring at me, a tear rolling down his cheek, he now understands.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles. I sigh. “It’s okay, you’re trying to help her. She needs to drink… I just hope she doesn’t turn ripper on us when she gets her first drop.”


I don’t want to hurt her, but if I don’t she could die… I sit in our room, clutching the little vial of silver in my hands. She walks into the room; I hide the flask behind me. “Hey sweetie, you okay?” She asks, sitting next to me on the bed.

“I’m fine, how are you?” I question, reading her face to make sure she hasn’t realised what I’m attempting to do.

“I’m okay, I’m just tired of having to put up with Webster…” She mumbles.

Recently, she’s had to spend a lot of time with him to practice her powers. She’s doing super well… but she needs to feed… I sigh, “It’ll be okay, sweetheart,” I whisper, stabbing the vial into her neck, “it’ll be fine.”

She looks at me, a wave of pain, betrayal and heartache crossing her face as she slowly falls backwards and her eyes closing.

“I’m so sorry, Billie…”

I’m watching them tie her up, stabbing her in several places with UV drips of human blood.

“Will this actually work?” I ask.

Webster nods, “it will work. She may go a little loopy for a few hours, which is why we’ve had to tie her up but she’ll be okay.”

My eyes widen, “what do you mean by loopy?”

Kier smiles, “let’s just say, Billie’s grandfather, Jack, was a little bit of a ripper.”

Oh, God, no… Jack the Ripper…


I wake up to my head pounding, my veins on fire and my jaw aching. “What have you done?” I mumble, unable to open my eyes.

“We’re trying to help you,” Webster urges.

I growl. “Do you not understand what you’ve done? I was a vegetarian for a reason! The same reason as my parents,” I grunt, my skin is burning, and my bones are aching.

“You’re a born Vampyre, along with all your family as all of them were born into such, I know,” Webster tells me, arrogance in his voice as he mocks.

I growl again, “then you know what’s going to happen?”

He sighs, “You’re going to hang there until you’re calm.”

“Fuck no,” I growl, slipping out of the chains, opening my eyes and pouncing on Webster, digging my fangs into his neck. He struggles and screams in pain, and then the cell door opens, the sun pouring into the room and a familiar, appetising scent fills the room. I get off of Webster, leaving him in a pool of his own blood. “Leave. Get out!” I scream, throwing them back with a gust of wind and slamming the door with my telekinesis. I knew it was Kier and Mizzie… Especially Mizzie…

I turn to Webster, who is now sat up and wiping his blood off of his neck. “Well done,” He tells me.

“What?” I moan, my eyes hurting from the sunlight that had shone through the door.

“You went for me, you didn’t go for Kier, and you protected Mizore. Already you’re doing better than your grandfather and uncle,” He grunts as he tries to explain without opening the wound on his throat.

“I’m sorry,” I tell him.

He smiles. “It’s okay, it’s better for you to go for me than for Kier. We both know guardians can be killed, you’ve seen it first hand with Mickey. I don’t think Kai would be too pleased with you killing her husband.”

I chuckle, my laughter uneven due to the pain. “Kai would kill me if anything happened to her other K…” Webster laughs in response.

“Good point, let’s hope they don’t call their child Kelly or Kristen, they’ll be the KKK…” He says as he chuckles at his own joke. I laugh a little along with him.

My laughter turns into a slow chuckle as I begin to realise what’s happening to myself, “Why? Why get Mizzie involved?”

He stops laughing slowly, his small smile fading away. “She is probably the only person that you would trust with your life, she’s the only one that you’d forgive… I couldn’t do it because you already hate me; I didn’t really feel like getting thrown down to Mortifer…”

I sigh. “I don’t hate you, you’re just arrogant and ignorant, and you’re annoying 90% of the time… I may not like you, but I can promise you, I don’t hate you. I hate no one…” I confess.

“That will change,” he mumbles, getting up and walking towards the door. “Finish that blood bag, and we’ll be done for the week, I’ll pay for your evening meal tonight, anything you want,” he tells me.

I smile. “Thank you,” I mumble, knowing full well he can hear me.

“You’re welcome, you can survive on human blood bags more than animal ones. Drinking three pints human blood a week will get you up to full strength compared to having twenty-one pints of animal blood a week. And don’t worry, the blood bags aren’t from the donation centre,” he whispers back.

“Then where is it from?” I question.



“What are you doing to her in there?” Mizzie probes as I come out of the cell.

I sigh, breathing in the forest scent, feeling the woodland breeze hit my skin. “Just feeding her, she’ll be all right,” I tell her.

“Then why are you covered in blood?” She questions as I realise my wound has already healed.

I sigh. “Who do you think donated the blood?” I ask her, she frowns and begins to understand what she’d suggested.

“I’m sorry, I’m just-“

“Protective, I understand,” I confess. I do understand what she’s going through, it’s exactly how I felt about Electra.

Kier places a hand on Mizzie’s shoulder. “How long until she’s released?” He asks before embracing Mizzie into a hug.

“She has one more blood bag left to drink, the quicker she drinks it, the quicker she’s out,” I tell them.

Mizzie sighs. “I guess we’ll be waiting a while then…”


“I need to do this,” I whisper to myself, holding the blood bag in my hands. “I can do this…” I open the valve at the top of the bag and begin to sip. I pause, close the lid and put it back on the table. “How do people like this stuff? It’s fucking disgusting,” I mumble.

“The quicker you drink it, the better it tastes,” a male’s voice comments. Whoever it is, I can’t see them due to the darkness. He steps forward into the light, “remember me?” Luke.

I smile, “how did you-“

“Get in here?” He says, cutting me off. “I’m a God, I can appear anywhere,” he pauses. “Thank you for recruiting me, in return I would like to help you with your cravings; there are a few techniques that a friend of mine had to use to stop himself from being hunted…” He says, looking deep in thought, “Jack said I’d have to help you with it at some point.”


“Your Grandfather, he died in 1889, he got sent to purgatory, but I fished him out… can’t let a royal live in such a slum,” he tells me, a small smile on his face.

“Thank you for helping me,” I say, picking the blood bag back up, biting and sinking my teeth into it. He is right… it does start to taste better, the quicker I drink.


I’ve been doing this for a month now, drinking blood in this forest cell, just to make sure my cravings are under control. Luke comes with me every time to make sure I don’t pour the blood down the toilet or escape after feeding.

It took me hours at first, now it doesn’t even take me half an hour…

I look up from the empty bags, Luke is sat across from me reading his book while he waits. “I’m done, and the craving is gone,” I confess.

He looks up, smiling, “sure?” I nod in response. He smiles and nods before getting up and knocking on the cell door. “She’s okay,” he says to Web, who has been stood out for there for an hour waiting for me.

Web opens the door. “Great,” he smiles, his teeth showing and making me feel slightly nervous, he doesn’t have the most comforting smile…

As we stand in the room, Web continues laughing until he turns to Luke. “What’s wrong, sourpuss?” He asks Luke, his smile fading into a distant memory.

Luke’s face hardened. “You know what’s wrong,” he declares, his lips pressing together into a thin frown.

Web joins him, his frown turning his, and now angry, facial expression into stone. “Shut up,” Web growls.

“Make me,” Luke snarls in response.

In a flash Webster is on top of Luke, attempting to strangle him. However, his attempts seeming to amuse Luke. “Why are you laughing?” Webster roars in Luke’s face.

Luke smiles, and says, “I’m a God, you strangling me does jack-shit.” Webster stares down at him, a super confused look covering his face.

And then, to help Webster understand, Luke changes his form. His skin turns white, his eyes roll into balls of fire. “Fuck!” Web screams as Luke laughs, then throwing him across the room.

Luke got up off the ground, fixing his shirt and jacket. “Yeah, ‘fuck’,” he laughs, pausing before continuing with his sarcasm. “You may want to learn who and what someone is before you just assume you can take them. After all, I am older than time itself: you, on the other hand, are only, what? 800 years old?” He asks Web, a small chuckle in his voice.

“You work for Mortifer,” Webster states.

“Ha!” Luke screams, turning back into his human form. “I ‘work’ for Mortifer? Buddy, Mortifer is my Twin Sister, I hate her just as much as everyone else!” He yells a smile of shock on his face.

Webster growls. “She’s working with the enemy; how do we know you’re telling the truth?”

Luke looks at me, his mouth dropping open in a speechless manner. I look to Webster. “Mortifer tried making his girlfriend a Fury. And I think you, of all people, understand that a Fury and a God can’t be together,” I inform him.

Web looks to Luke, then looks down at his hands. “Why would he understand?” Luke questions.

I smile. “He is mated with a goddess called Electra, I think he was like me before being turned into a Fury…” I tell him, finally putting the puzzle pieces together.

“How do you know about her?” Webster asks, looking at me with a shocked expression on his face.

I smile again, “I know because I was taught to use my powers by the best.”

Web sighs. “Electra is my sister…” Luke tells us.

We look at Luke. I can feel the shocked look on my face hardening as I become slightly angry at the fact that his own sister, Mortifer, is out to ruin all her siblings’ relationships. “Why is she doing this?” I probe.

Luke’s expression becomes sadder yet. “The last Queen was killed, and Mortifer could have released her… but she didn’t, so the King made the law of no God can mate with a Fury, he then killed her companion, forcing her to make him a Fury to keep him alive…” Luke explains.

“Then… Why don’t I just get rid of the law?” I ask.

Web signs. “Because if you do it, you’ll lose power.”


“I never really wanted the power of a Queen to begin with, so… Why would it matter?” I question.

Webster sighs, “if you change the law, Mortifer is the next in line for the thrown… last time I checked, she’s okay with the humans dying.”

I nod. “So, what do we do?” Luke asks.

I turn to him. “Is it possible to kill a god?” I probe, I can hear my own remorse in my voice as his face begins to sink into despair. I understand that this makes him upset, she is his sister after all…

“Only by killing her with the Gods blade,” he tells me, I look to Webster only to see a tear roll down his cheek. I’m apparently missing something…

“What is it?” I ask Webster.

He looks over at me, his mouth slightly hanging open. “The Gods blade can only be wielded by a God….” Webster tells me as he begins to look down at his hands, a sense of shame in his actions.

“Luke… I’m so sorry….” I comfort him.

“I know someone who could kill her…” Webster mumbles. He looks to me, “Keir is a Guardian, and he’s a God. However, he won’t be solid enough to take her on. But Mizore on the other hand-” he tells me before I cut him off.

“No. Mizore cannot get involved.” I blurt out. I can’t let her get into danger… if Mortifer were to kill her first, we’d be in the same predicament all over again.

“Mortifer won’t be able to kill her if we hold her down,” Webster tells me, a small smile on his face.

I look to Luke, who is now filled more with anger than pain, “when will we do it?” He asks.


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