MY MATE – Chapter Seven


“Who are we looking for?” I ask, looking around as students pour out of their classes as we stand in the middle of the hallway.

“We’re looking for a set of twins; a girl with brown hair called Cody, a boy with brown hair named Xavier.” She smiles, looking around as we walk forward.

After a few seconds went by, all students had left. “Did we miss them?”

“No,” she says, gulping. “They’re here…” she mumbles. Stopping in a crossroad corridor.

“Сжечь в огне моего ума,” a boy growls, chanting the same phrase over and over, stepping out in front of us. Billie starts to shake, groaning as she raises her hands to the sides of her head. The lights flickering as Billie gets louder.

“Stop!” I scream, wrapping my arms around Billie and hugging her.

“Xavier, вы можете остановиться.” A girl appears, placing her hand on the boy’s shoulder, stopping the boy’s chant.

“Cпасибо,” Billie says, falling to her knees, wiping away some blood that had dripped from her nose.

“You’re welcome.” The girl pauses, walking towards us, sitting down and crossing her legs. “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, my brother gets quite protective when he can’t read someone’s mind.” She smiles, an apologetic look on her face.

“Who are you?” I ask.”Cody Jones.” She pauses, reaching her hand out toward me, gesturing for a handshake, “nice to meet you, Mizore.” She smiles.

I frown, in a small state of shock. “How do you know my name?”

“I’m the Goddess of the Pixies, I can read people.” She suggests, standing up and turning to her to brother. “Xavier, can you hand me the blade please?” She holds her hand out as he gives her a small pouch. “This is what you came for, I believe?” She smiles, turning to us as I help Billie up off of the floor.

“That and some help,” Billie groans, still rubbing her left temple.

“What do you need?” Xavier asks, his face looking like stone as his jaw clenches and his brows narrow, causing his forehead to crease.

“We need Pixies and Fairies, as many as we can get,” I mumble, looking between the twins.

“And why would we help you?” He snaps.I take a deep breath, my wings materialising through the back of my clothes.

“Test me if you like, but if you don’t help us, you’ll be dying with us,” I roar, fury filling me, causing my cheeks to heat up.

“Your Highness, you might want to keep your Guardian on a leash,” he groans.

Billie snarls, showing her teeth before lunging at Xavier, pinning him to the ground.

“Cody!” He squeals in a high pitched voice. “Help me!”

“No, you insulted the future Queen of the Supernatural, you shouldn’t have been such a cunt,” Cody growls.

“Please!” He cries.

I walk over to Billie as she drags Xavier around on the ground. “Sweetheart, let go,” I whisper to her, kissing her ear as I stare down at the mutt, a single tear falling down my cheek.

She lets go of him, stepping over him and embracing me. “I’m sorry, Angel. I can’t help it,” she murmurs, her voice sounding like velvet and she strokes me back and kissing the bite mark on my neck to calm me down. “I love you,” she whispers, stepping back slightly, resting her forehead against mine, looking into my eyes as she smiles.

“I love you, too.” I grin.

“I’m sorry,” Xavier mutters, as he sits up behind Billie.

“If you do something like that again, I will rip out your jugular, understand?” Billie threatens him, looking over her shoulder.

“Yes, Your Highness.” He stands, bowing his head.

“Shall we go and see the family? They will be able to help us recruit.” Cody smiles.

“Thank you.” I smile in return, she’s so sweet.

“Let’s get going then,” she comments turning around and walking away, Xavier follows quickly.

“Let’s go.” I smile, taking hold of Billie’s hand and pulling her along, following them. Let’s see how this goes…


“Your Highness, it is a pleasure to meet you.” The man smiles as he holds the door open for Mizzie and myself to walk in. Pixie.

“The pleasure is all mine,” I chuckle, entering the house, holding Mizzie’s hand.

“Miss Gabriel, I was informed that you were on the way to see Cody and Xavier, how was your journey?” A woman asks, walking into the room.

“It wasn’t too bad, but the arrival wasn’t entirely pleasant,” I comment as Xavier and Cody walk past us.

Cody wearing a smile on her face, “you can blame this tosser for that.”

“Oi,” Xavier objects, slapping his sister’s arm.

“Nina, he decided to melt Billie’s brain as well as insult Mizore to a point where Billie beat him up, hence the bruises on his face. He shouldn’t have been a complete cock,” Cody explains, still smiling, before going through a set of double doors.

“Xavier?” The man says, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, Casey?”

“What did I teach you about respecting people and learning who and what they are before rampaging?” Casey asks, a grave look on his face, his lips scrunched together forming a firm line while his brows narrow, creasing his forehead.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Casey,” Xavier mumbles.

“Yeah, you better be.” He frowns. He turns to Mizzie and I, smiling again. “Would either of you like a drink? We have Fury blood, cola, lemonade, orange juice and water.”

“When was the last time you fed?” Mizzie mumbles from behind me.

I take a deep breath, clenching my jaw. The more I think about it, the more I feel the hunger… “Can Billie have a drink of Fury blood, please? She hasn’t fed since we left home, it seems… and we haven’t been home for almost two weeks,” she mumbles, gripping my arm.

Casey smile, a sincere expression on his face. “I’ll go get that for you.” He pauses, turning to Nina. “Can you take them into the study please?” He asks. Nina nods and walks over to the double doors to which Cody and Xavier went through. “Follow me.”


Walking back into the study, the crowd parting, I find Cody in Billie’s embracing, crying. I walk over, rubbing Cody’s back. “What happened?” I ask, looking up at Billie.

“I just found out why they’re willing to help us get rid of Mallory.” She frowns, a hurt look on her face.


“Because he put my sister’s soul mate into a coma,” Xavier comments from behind me. I turn around to look at Xavier, still rubbing Cody’s back. “Lucinda is a witch, and if you haven’t figured out already… Gods aren’t allowed to mix with humans.” He frowns, sorrow in his gaze.

“But, because she’s a Witch, she must have some Fairy or Pixie blood, right?” I ask, my brows narrowing in my confused state.

Billie peers over to me, a hurt expression on her face as her eyes begin to droop a little. “She’s part Fairy.”

“So, we could make her into the new Fairy God?” I smile. My smiling fading as I realise something was wrong.

“We could make her into the God, and I plan on doing so, but we need to kill Mallory first and kidnap Jason,” Billie explains.

“Why not just kill Jason? Can’t we just make the throne automatically go to Lucinda?” I ask, frowning.

“Unfortunately, to be able to have her get the automatic Godship, we need to put her through three trials.”

I groan. “Which is impossible due to the spell Mallory put on her….”

“We’ll help you kill Mallory, catch and kill Jason, under one circumstance,” Xavier declares.

“What is it?” Billie asks, looking directly at Xavier, her eyes narrowing. Cody steps out of her embrace. Cody’s face turning to stone as her sorrow turns to anger. “I kill Mallory.”


“When Lucinda is finally free and immortal, what will you do? Where will you go?” Mizore asks, smiling as we watch Cody hold Lucinda’s hand, watching the heart monitor.

“I’m going to take her home to Glasgow and propose, like I was going to the weekend this all happened.” A tear rolls down her cheek as she strokes the back of Lucinda’s hand with her thumb. It’s not a significant gesture, stroking someone’s hand; neither is kissing someone’s forehead, but the amount of comfort and love in those small actions can make the world of difference in times like these.

“So, what’s the game plan?” Xavier asks, standing on the other side of the bed, opposite his sister.

“Lucifer has tracked Mallory down; he’s getting a meeting set up.” I pause. “Before you kill Mallory, I would like to ask him some questions, is that okay?” I ask, looking over to Cody.

“If any torturing is needed, leave it to me,” she comments, nodding before turning back to Lucinda.

“Let’s talk elsewhere,” Xavier suggests, walking out of the room.

“I’ll stay here.” Mizzie smiles.

I smile back at her. If it was Mizore and I in Cody and Lucinda’s position… I’d be ripping Mallory’s head off. “Okay, I’ll see you soon.” Giving one final look toward Cody and her sleeping beauty before following Xavier out of the room.

I enter the study, sitting down in a chair opposite Xavier as we sit at the desk where, only hours ago, I saw Cody decapitate the Fairy Mayor. “So, how is this meeting going to go?”

“Well, the information Luke has already given me tells me that Jason will be attending the meeting. Apparently, Jason doesn’t know who I am, meaning he didn’t know who I was when he killed Mickey,” I explain.

Xavier groans. “You need hybrid Pixies and Pixies then. If the Fairy God is there, pureblood fairies will be noticed by him a mile away. Luckily, not all Fairies are Magick, and he certainly isn’t. Which means you can take Pixie/Fairy hybrids with you who will be able to capture him,” Xavier comments, writing down and scratching out names in his tiny book.

“That leaves us with around three hundred people that we can use, I recommend us taking at least five, possibly ten including Cody and myself.”

“Who are your strongest?”He takes in a deep breath, exhaling slowly. “Emmanuel, Periwinkle, Lax, Margo, Riley, Bruno, Christof, Primrose and Lucinda. Out of those, the only people we can take with us is Emmanuel, Periwinkle, Lax, Riley, Bruno and Primrose,” he says, biting his bottom lip as his brows narrow, his eyes suggesting that he’s deep in thought.

“Is there a problem?” I ask.

He looks up. “No, but I’m not sure if eight of us is enough… How many of you will there be?” He questions.

I sigh. “Well, there will be me, for sure. Webster, Damien, Luke, Avril, Alistair, Jaxon, and me.”

“What about Mizore?” He inquires, a slight look of confusion on his face, making a crease on his forehead, before nodding to his left.

I turn my head slightly to be welcomed with a cup of Fury blood.”Thank you.” I smile, taking the cup. It’s nice having a little sip every couple of hours, I should do this more often. I turn back to Xavier. “I tend to try and keep her away from the fights that could go wrong… when I went to purgatory I left her here, she was guarded by Avril and Electra. This time, it will only be Electra, but I’m pretty sure I can get the Therianthropes to help look after her while I’m away,” I say, taking a sip from my cup.

“Leave Mizore here, she’ll be safe with us.” He smiles, a look of sympathy on his face.

“Thank you.”

He stands up, chuckling slightly. “You don’t have to thank us. If anyone should need thanking, it’s you. You’ve opened up the possibilities of Gods being with Furies and Humans. For that, we are eternally grateful. It means my sister can be with the person she loves.” He smiles, nodding in admiration.

“No one should have to be without the person they love. Love wins, if anyone has a problem with that, then they can take their face for a shit,” I chuckle, leaning back in my chair.

Xavier lets out a roar of laughter, sitting back down with a thump. “Oh wow. Your Highness, I think we’re going to get along just fine.” He smiles.

“I hope so.”


“Are we all ready?” Luke asks, looking between us as we stand around him.


He nods, taking his place in the circle, putting his hands on Webster and Avril’s shoulders. “Close your eyes, it’s going to be bright,” he says, closing his eyes.

“Billie?” Mizzie mumbles from behind me.

“You guys go, I’ll catch up,” I tell them, stepping out of the circle.

Luke nods, his eyes still shut. “В подземном мире,” Luke chants before the circle of people get sucked into a portal that had materialised above them.I turn to Mizzie, finding her stood with Electra and Margo.

She walks over to me, wrapping her arms around my waist, resting her head on my shoulder as she buries her face in my shoulder. “I love you,” she mumbles.

I take in a deep breath, my nose buried in her hair. She smells so sweet… “Promise me that you’ll come back.”

“I promise,” I say kissing the top of her head. She takes a step back, wrapping her arms around my neck and standing on her tiptoes.

“You better, after all, we have a wedding to attend,” she smiles. I raise an eyebrow causing her to giggle. She leans up, enveloping my bottom lip in hers, tugging on it gently as she pulls away. 

Oh, wow… Do I have to go? I wrap my arms around her waist, picking her up with my arms under her ass with her legs wrapping around my waist, kissing the bite mark on her shoulder.

“One day, you’ll be all mine, and no one will be able to stop us,” I growl, biting her neck softly as she moans a little in pleasure. “Why do I have to go…” I groan.

Mizzie pulls away a little giving me a kiss on the lips before unravelling her legs from around my waist before stepping away. “Duty calls.” She smiles.

I bite my bottom lip, stepping underneath the portal. “I love you, Mizore. Stay safe.” I look up, closing my eyes. “В подземном мире.”


“Billie, thanks for joining us,” Luke smiles as I step out of the portal. “Here.” He gestures a small packet toward me.

I take the white pouch out of his hand, opening it. Wolfsbane. 

“We can’t risk Jason noticing you from back here and certainly not Mallory,” he grumbles, turning toward the bedrock, looking around it.

“They’re here.” He turns back to us. “Damien, Cody, Xavier, Periwinkle, Emmanuel, with me. The rest of you stay here with Billie, make sure she doesn’t get ambushed,” he instructs us, we nod.

“Good luck,” I mumble, feeling Webster’s hand on my shoulder.

“You, too, Leech.” Damien smiles jokingly.

Luke taps Damien on the arm, telling him to follow. They walk around the bedrock, disappearing from our sights. “What if this goes the wrong way?” I ask, biting down on my lip as I look back at them.

“If it goes wrong, we’ll get you out of here, get Luke, Cody and Xavier and run for the hills. We’re not allowing anyone to die on this trip,” Alistair explains, sitting down on a rock.”I bloody hope not.”


“Hello Lucifer, how are you today?” Mallory grins, his feet up on the edge of the table with his legs crossed.

I plonk myself down in the chair opposite him. Jason towering over Mallory. “Hunky dory.”

“Good.” He smiles. “Now, let’s talk about what we want, shall we?” I nod in response. “Okay, we want the Queen, or should I say, Queens,” he chuckles. “We also want that precious little witch of yours.” He smiles, looking over at Cody.

I clench my jaw. Is he stupid? “Okay, let’s go get them, then,” I comment, standing up.

Webster and Ali bring Billie out from behind the rocks.”Amelia?” Jason questions.

“Now!” I shout, seeing the Pixies swarm over to Jason, knocking him out.

Mallory stumbles back as Cody starts to pounce. “Cody.”

“Yeah?” She asks, still looking at Mallory.”Rip him limb from limb, for Lucinda,” I command her.

“Yes, Sir!” She yells, laughing slightly before pouncing forward, hearing Mallory scream as limbs started flying through the air. One of Mallory’s arms heading toward me, causing me to duck.

After a couple of minutes, the screams go silent, and Cody stands up with a lump of red on the God Blade.

“Want the heart?” She asks, walking toward me.

“Not particularly. I was never a fan.”

“Okay,” she smiles, using her powers to set the heart on fire before chucking it over to where the rest of the body remains. “Disposed of.”


“We wanted Elizabeth to be Queen, what’s so wrong with that?” Jason growls, before screaming in pain as we press a blessed silver wolfsbane knife against his skin.

“Elizabeth isn’t a borne Vampyre, she was a witch at birth. It’s the Vampyre’s turn to be Queen,” Luke tells him, a confused expression on his face. “But you knew that, which is why you were working with a Horsemen. Mallory was going to help you get Billie overturned. But what was in it for you?”

“My parents were only together due to their parents forcing them to court, they weren’t soulmates.” I look down at my feet. I kissed my mother’s mate? That’s fucked up… I need to burn my lips off… I don’t think so… 

Mizzie communicates to me, she can read my mind now due to our bond increasing as we get closer to the crowning and wedding.Pretty fucked up though, right? She smiles at me from across the room. 

Yeah, it’s pretty fucked.

But at least you didn’t actually fuck him. She pauses. I’ll purify you later, she says, winking at me.

Oh, my…  “He’s my mother’s mate, what was in it for him was to keep her forever. After all, each Queen becomes Immortal. She’s going to start decaying soon due to being trapped in Purgatory,” I explain.

Luke nods. “I killed her, and Mallory brought her back. If she is still in Purgatory, she’s going to be dead again in the next month or so.”

“She deserves to be Queen! Not that unholy scum!” Jason screams.

All of a sudden the doors open and Lucinda walks in, wind blowing through her hair as her hands hold fireballs. “Amelia Bill Gabriel deserves to be Queen. She is holy, kind, caring, and considerate. You, on the other hand, deserves to die in a pit of fire,” she growls coming to a stop in front of Jason.

She’s been given Godship? Mizzie smiles.

Yes, she’s doing well. She can kill him now and become a God. She’ll be with Cody forever. I can’t help but smile at Lucinda’s anger, she’s magnificent.

“No! Please, No! Billie, help me!” Jason screams, trying to break out of his bindings.

Lucinda looks to me, I nod. She smiles, looking back to Jason. “Bye-Bye!” She giggles, blasting him with fire as he screams.After a couple of minutes, his screams silenced.

“Luci, you can stop now,” Cody says, wrapping her arms around Lucinda’s waist, resting her chin on Lucinda’s shoulder.”Not yet, one last blast,” she mumbles, her fire turning blue and Jason’s body and the chair he was sat in disintegrating into a puddle on the ground, she stops and lowers her hands. “Now, I’m done.”

They turn to myself and Mizzie, both harbouring wide grins. “Now.” Lucinda pauses. “Need some wedding planning help?”

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