MY MATE – Chapter Six


“Billie!” I scream, trying to keep her awake as we struggle to find a way to help her.

“We need a witch… Or another Vampyre,” Webster says pacing the length of our bedroom. Webster then makes a weird face. “We need the Beta Venom from Billie,” he says before getting a vial out of his pocket, walking over to Billie, who is laying on my bed, lifting up her top lip and pushing down on her gum to make some of the venom come out. Once the vial was full, he stands up. “I’ll get this to Ele,” he says, leaving the room seconds later.

“Oh, Billie… What are we going to do…” I mumble into her ear as I lay next to her.

Her eyes flutter open for a second, and she turns toward me. “You’re going to live, all of you,” she whispers before, once again, passing out.

“Not without you, I’m not,” I whisper in response before curling up next to her. I can’t live without her.


Ele is slowly working through the Beta venom, there should only be around 15 minutes left of her transformation, we need her quickly, or Mizore is going to be stranded.

All of a sudden, I hear a gasp. I turn around to find Ele sat up, her eyes a shade of red and her fangs out. “My Queen,” she mumbles.

“Electra, you’re awake?” I probe, this could just be a memory or dream for her.

“Where is Billie?” She questions, her eyes turning back to the Electric blue and her fangs receding back into her gums.

“In her room, she’s been unconscious for the past 24 hours,” I confess to her, she jumps up, out of bed and rushing toward the door.

“What was used?” She turns to me and asks.

I sigh. “The same thing that almost killed you,” I tell her.

She frowns, opening the door. “Let’s go and save her then.”


“Right, so explain how to do it, again,” Electra commands Web, hovering her hand over Billie’s heart. “Slowly,” she insists.

“You need to focus on healing and heat, once you do that you will be able to transmit some of your life to her to heal her,” Webster says, slower than before but still with a tone of urgency.

“Okay, here we go…” Electra says, closing her eyes and concentrating. She lowers her hands and presses them again Billie’s chest.

A red glow surrounds her hands and kills the room with warmth. “I think it’s working,” I smile at Webster.

He looks down at me, a tear in his eye. “This will only heal the outside,” he mumbles.

“What does that mean?”

He sighs. “If she got enough of the Blade’s poison in her system, she might still die…” he says, his voice uneven and full of pain.

No… Not my Amelia… A tear rolls down my cheek as I curl up to Billie. I can’t lose her…


It’s burning; my veins are burning, running dry and on fire. I can hear them, my family, my friends, calling from beyond the divide.

I can see them, their faces flashing in the darkness calling my name. “Amelia…” I hear my mother call, her voice is soft and sensual. “Wake up…” she mumbles.

“Mum, it hurts…” I cry, tossing and turning, unable to move my arms.

“Drink up,” she mumbles as a warm, velvety liquid drips into my mouth.

It begins to burn the inside of my mouth as it becomes hotter and hotter. “Mum, it’s burning!” I growl, the liquid continuing to drip through my teeth.

“Wake Up!” She roars; her white face in front of mine. I gasp, my eyes opening. I throw someone across the room as I sit up.

“Ouch… What the fuck was that for?” I hear a female say, I turn a little to my left and find Electra sat on the floor, up against a wall.

“You’re alive,” I smile.

She sighs, getting up and brushing the dust off of herself, the plaster on the wall all cracked and crushed. “And you are too, barely,” she smiles.

“What were you feeding me?” I ask.

Webster looks at Mizzie who is sat necked to me, and then at Ele. “We weren’t feeding you anything…” he mumbles.

Oh dear…


“What’s all the yelling about?” Luke chuckles entering the house. “We could hear you from outside!”

Webster groans and smashing a vase. “Webster Lucas, just because you’re ancient compared to me does not mean that you’re allowed to break my ornaments!” Melanie screams in a fit of rage. She had gotten used to Webster acting like a jerk, but nobody breaks her things… Her house and its contents were her babies.

“I’m sorry…” Webster mumbles as he turns away from her to face Luke. “When Ele was healing Amelia, she said something was dripping into her mouth – she said it felt like blood. Any ideas?” He probes, resting his hands on his hips.

“What did it taste like?” Luke asks, leaning to see past Webster.

Ele steps forward. “Web, sweetie, you make a better door than a window. Move out of the way,” she smiles, pulling him aside.

“Well?” Luke asks, making a hand gesture to entice me to talk.

I groan. “It didn’t taste like anything… Just vampyre blood, or witch blood, I’ve never been able to tell the difference,” I murmur.

He walks up to me, grabbing my head in his hands and tilting my head back. “Open your mouth,” he mumbles. I do as he asks, opening my mouth and hoping he doesn’t want me to say ‘ah’ like they do at the doctors. “It didn’t taste like anything because the blood was two things: A, from your own bloodline and B, dead,” he groans, his face seemingly turning to stone.

“My entire family is dead… How can we narrow this down and how can they have saved me?” I question, they must have saved me, right?

“Well…” he says, looking down and turning away from me. “They didn’t try to save you…”

“What do you mean?” Avril asks, stepping forward and taking his hands in hers.

He turned back to me, taking a deep breath. “They bound themselves to you to come to this realm… I don’t know who or why but you need to be careful, we need to find out who did this,” he mumbles, sighing.

“But binding spells only work between siblings,” Webster comments, looking confused – none of them knew about him… Jaxon.


“But binding spells only work between siblings,” Webster announces, I look over to him and find that he’s confused. His brow creasing and his gaze turning into a scowl.

I turn back to Billie. “You have a brother?”

“Had,” she gulps, clearing her throat. “He died in 1955, we tried changing him, but it didn’t work,” she confesses.

“Was he old enough to change?” Webster probes, tilting his head to the side.

She sighs. “He was my twin – while I was born a Vampyre, he was born a witch,” she looks down at her hands, as if in shame.

“Did your parents stab his heart?” I question, stepping forward.

“I don’t know… they never told me…” she murmurs.

I gulp, clearing my throat. This could be bad… “So, we either have a Fury or a Demon… which would you rather have?” I ask, sarcastically.

“If he’s doing this, what does it mean?” Mizzie asks, stepping forward and taking hold of Billie’s hands.

“It means that there may be either a Fury, who wants our help to get back into this world or a demon, who wants to possess her,” I grumble, my throat dry and painful.

“I think I would know if he was a Fury…” Billie mumbles, still looking down. She looks up, slowly raising her head. “If he were a Fury, he’d be here by now… My brothers a demon,” her voice cracks through the realisation.

This is definitely going to be tricky.


How could he do this to me… my own brother… trying to possess me….“So, how do we stop him from taking hold?” Mizzie asks, sitting up on my lap.

Luke cups his face, resting his elbows on his knees. “We need to find him and kill him… the only issue is, there is no way to track down a Demon without Mortifer, and we killed her… so, unless we crown another as God of Hell, we’re a little stuck…” he mumbles, screwing his face up.

I sigh and look at Mizzie as she fiddles with her hair, twisting it around her finger… she’s worried. I lean forward, taking hold of her hand and moving her hair from her face, kissing her ear. “Everything is going to be fine,” I whisper, kissing her ear again.

She turns to me, leaning in and kissing my left ear. “They know,” she says before spinning on the spot to look back to them. Bollocks…

“So, how do we find someone suitable to be the God of Hell?” Electra asks, crossing her arms.

Luke looks at her, frowning. “You already know the answer to that,” he comments.

She looks to Mizzie and I. “We need to find a lost soul, make them a God,” she informs us. She looks back to Luke, “think we can get a soul from your end?”

He groans he knows something….“We can, but with all the fighting and loss we’ve had over the last three weeks, I doubt I want to see our friends become the potential new God of Hell… it was bad enough having to wave Cori off as he went to the Afterlife. “Kai and Kier will be down there?” I probe as Mizzie shuffles on my lap.

“Kier won’t be, he was a Guardian, he would have gone straight to the afterlife, Kai will be there,” he explains. Luke looks back to Electra, “I’m not making Kai a God.”

“Why the fuck not?” She blurts.

“Because then she would never be able to see Kier again, would you really want that for her?” Webster pipes in from behind her. She looks down, an expression of shame on her face.

“I know someone we could use…” I comment, burying my face in Mizzie’s shoulder.

“Who?” Mizzie asks. I didn’t tell her he died…


She turns around in my embrace. Her eyes filling with tears. “He can’t be dead…” she mumbles.

I look past Mizzie and to Luke. He nods. “We can use him,” He stands looking down at Mizzie. “I’m sorry for your loss, but you won’t be losing him after this,” he smiles, his brow crunching. Seconds later, he poofs out, leaving a little bit of black smoke.He’s so lucky… I want that power…

I look back to Mizzie, who is sobbing her heart out – this is not something I was looking forward to, but she was going to find out eventually. I pull her close, taking her in my embrace as she snuggles into my neck. “I’m so sorry….”


Lying in bed next to Mizzie is one bliss that could never dull. Staring at the ceiling, I listen to her breath as her head rests on my chest, snuggling against my side. Stroking her hair, I think back to the night when I bit her… I sort of regret doing it, but it had to be done at some point and considering I could have died… I think it was a good call… sort of.

Mizzie begins to squirm a little, so I gently rock her, soothing her. Her eyes flutter open as she tilts her head toward me. “What time is it?” She asks in a whisper.

I take a deep breath, not wanting to look at the clock. I look over at the bedside table. “6:15am,” I mumble back to her, still stroking her hair.

“What do you think is happening in the Underworld right now? Do you think he’s changed Damien yet?” She questions, sitting up, placing a hand on my stomach.

I prop myself up on my elbows, looking at her. Half of her hair frizzy from where she’s been laid while the other half is barely curled.”He’s already been changed,” I inform her, smiling slightly as I sigh.

I flop back down, staring at the ceiling. Seconds later, she climbs on top of me, one hand on either side of her head. “How do you know?” She probes, sounding confused.

I chuckle, staring up at her. Her brown locks hanging from each side of her head. I reach my hand up to stroke her cheek, so beautiful. “Let’s just say, when something happens in the supernatural world, I tend to know about it before others do,” I comment, smiling up at her.

She sits up straight, her bum on my lower stomach. I take a deep breath, seeing her rise as my stomach puffs up before letting it out suddenly and seeing her drop down quickly. She places her hands on my rib cage, feeling each rib. She slowly lifts herself up, pulling my top up over my breasts, looking down at my naked chest. “You have so many scars…” she mumbles, tracing them across my stomach, up my rib cage and over my breasts.

“I’m not the youngest person on the planet… I’ve been through shit,” I chuckle, watching as she continues to trace my newest scar, where the blade went through my chest, just above the mass of my left breast.

“Promise me something…” she mumbles. Fuck.

I take a deep breath. “Okay?”

“If anything happens to me-” she says, I flip her onto her back, getting on top of her in an instant, one hand on each side of her head.

“Don’t,”I command. I knew how harsh I was sounding, and I knew the risks that I could lose her… but I can’t. I know I should face it, being in denial could possibly get her killed but I won’t allow it. She cannot die.

She smirks up at me, cupping my face with her hands, bringing me down and pressing her lips to mine. She pushes me back with a little giggle, laying back down. “If anything happens to me, make sure Mel is okay and… Fuck sake, make sure they don’t bring me back… I don’t need that shit,” she chuckles. I take in a deep breath, I really want to cry.

“Mizzie, I promise,” I tell her, laying down on top of her, my forearms on either side of her head, stroking her hair. I duck down, pressing my lips to hers, feeling how damp and warm they are. Don’t fucking cry. I rest my forehead against hers, smiling down at her. “I love you so much,” I mumble.

She smiles up at me, wrapping her legs around me and her arms around my neck. “I love you, too.” 


“What exactly is going on then?” I question, watching Damien meditate in the middle of the room.

Luke takes a deep breath, stepping forward to stand next to me, arms crossed and his brow folded. “Well, now that he’s the God of Hell, he can now see each and every Daemon,” he comments, tilting his head to the side. “Let’s hope your brother is actually a Demon…” he sighs.

I turn my head to look at him. “How could he not be?”

He inhales a deep breath before letting it out in a sigh. “The problem with Vampyrism is that some of their bodies will die, after being made a Vampire, which means they’ve been reborn. If they have no history they wouldn’t have gone to Mortifer or me… he would have gone straight to purgatory, no judgement needed,” he confesses.

 “Will Damien be able to find him? Even if he’s in Purgatory?” I probe.

He nods, straightening his head and turning to look at me. “He’ll be able to find him, but if he’s been there since his rebirth… it’s not going to be a happy family reunion. I can tell you that now,” he tells me, pressing his lips together.

Fuck. “Why is he doing this…” I mumble, looking back to Damien who is now levitating while meditating.

All of a sudden, Damien crashes to the floor, stumbling as he tries to stand up. Mizzie rushes over, helping him balance. He looks at me, not breaking eye contact. “He’s in purgatory, he’s being hunted. We need to get him out of there now,” he blurts out, his voice sounding like a roar.

“He’s the one trying to get out, why would we help him?” Luke asks stepping forward.

Damien groans. “He’s being chased, he’s the only witch in there and someone a lot worse is trying to come back.”

“Who?” I ask.

He looks at me, fear in his eyes. “Your mother.”


I gulp, sitting down on the steps at the front of the house. I needed fresh air after being told that… oh, Lord… why my mother?

“Billie?” Mizzie says from behind me. I heard her open the door, I heard her breathing before she even spoke. “What are we going to do?” She asks, sitting next to me, putting a hand on my knee.

I take a deep breath, placing my hand on top of hers and giving it a squeeze. “I’m going to find my brother and save him from our mother…” I mumble.

“Why didn’t he try to get to you before?” She probes, a confused look on her face.

“Because he didn’t have all the ingredients to get through the barrier,”  Webster explains, approaching us as he walks up the street holding hands with Electra.

“Ingredients?” Mizzie tilts her head to the side, a confused look on her face.

Electra takes in a deep breath as they enter our garden. “He wouldn’t have been able to cross the barrier on his own without specific ingredients to make the barrier crossing to spell work,” she explains, looking up at Webster.

“And that’s why it took him so long…” I mumble, looking down at my feet. I should have tried finding him…

Mizzie takes my hand, squeezing it the same way I did to her moments earlier. “How do we get him out of there?” She asks, looking from me to Webster.

He takes a deep breath in, a frown forming on his face. “We need to go into purgatory and carry him out,” he pauses, turning to look at Electra. She nods, and he starts again, “once we get him out, we have 24 hours to find his new body.”


“So, how does this work?” Mizzie asks, staring into the portal leading to purgatory.

“I assume it’s similar to the one leading to the Underworld, right?” I probe, looking over to Lucifer. He gulps, fear visible on his face.”It’s not like the Underworld portal, is it?” I murmur.

He shakes his head before scratching his chin. “I wish it was… But if we hadn’t done it this way… well, there would be a lot of people coming back to life and a hell of a lot of people vanishing.”

Alistair chuckles. “A Hell… Purgatory is exactly that,” he smiles, looking down at his feet as he walks up to the portal. He turns to me and gives me a small smile. “It’s going to hurt, a lot. Prepare yourself, your highness,” he mumbles, his face giving an expression of sympathy while his voice sounding empathetic. He looks back to the portal, taking in a deep breath and stepping through.

“I want to go with you,” Mizzie whispers from behind me. I turn to look at her, finding tears welling up in her eyes.

I cup her cheek in my left hand, taking her hands in my right. “We need you up here, sweetheart. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon,”I smile, my smile’s fake, I think she knows it but its hard to tell right now, she looks upset already. She nods. I let go of her, stepping backwards, toward the portal.

“Keep her safe,” she says, still looking at me, but the command was intended for Lucifer.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he smiles, a sympathetic expression on his face. He looks over to Avril, nodding before turning and walking through the portal.

I smile at them, Avril, Mizzie and Electra. I turn to the entrance, gulping. “Well, if Web, Damian, Luke and Ali can do it, so can I,” I tell myself, trying to give myself a little pep talk. “How bad can it be?”


“FUCK!” I scream, curling up into a ball, clutching my knees to my chest. “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

“What’s wrong?” Luke asks with a smug look on his face.

“Lucifer… you’re the lucky fucker in this scenario, shut your pie hole,” Webster smiles, rubbing the left side of his chest. He walks over to me, crouching down and looking me in the eye, “Billie, I know it hurts, you more than it does us, but we need to get moving before some of these evil fuckers realise we’re here. If they find you, they may kill you or hijack you.”

I groan, shutting my eyes and taking a deep breath. “Can someone explain,” I pause, trying to battle the pain. “Can someone please explain why my heart feels like it’s just been ripped out?” I mumble, opening my eyes slowly to find Webster smiling slightly before taking hold of my hand and pulling me up, so I was sat.

“It hurts like that because the portal is designed to cause your heart to feel heartbreak for every love you’ve ever had, whether it being a sibling, a friend, a family member or your lover. For you, it is amplified because Vampyres can’t have heart attacks. For me, it’s not too painful due to my list of love being very short, and for those three fuckers,” he pauses, looking over at Luke, Ali and Damian. “They don’t have hearts anymore, which is why it doesn’t hurt them! They’re designed to come into Purgatory freely, Alistair probably still got some pain but not as much as me and certainly not as much as you,” he explains. That’s the price of being the God’s of Death? You have your heart removed…? No, thanks.

“Okay,” I gasp, the pain increasing when I speak.

“Would you like a piggyback?” Webster asks, an empathetic smile on his face. I nod, I cannot handle this sat down, let alone walking… “Okay. C’mon,” he says, turning and letting me climb on, I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. “Do you feel faint?” He asks. I nod slightly, my cheek against his back. I hear him chuckle slightly as he stands up. “Get some sleep, we have a long journey ahead of us, my dear,” He says, I can hear the smile in his voice. Thank the heavens for Webster… his actions over the past few months make me regret mistreating him when we met… I let out a sigh as he begins to walk, closing my eyes as I see Luke, Alistair and Damian stand alert as Webster walks past, before following us into the foggy darkness.

 I hear Luke sigh, a tone of worry in his voice, “let’s see what horrors await us…”


“Billie?” I whisper, crawling over to her. “Billie, wake up,” I whisper, shaking her to try and wake her up.

Her eyes begin to flutter open as the shots fire above our heads. “Webster, what’s happening?” She asks, looking at her as she lays on the ground. I crawl over to her, climbing on top of her to shield her. “What the fuck are you doing?” She asks, looking quite shocked.

“Well, I didn’t teach you how to use your magick to defend and attack at a distance, and I have no power, and I need to get to your neck,” I explain.

“Why my neck?” She probes.

I gulp. “I need your blood to wake Luke up so he can freeze these arseholes,” I mumble, letting my fangs out. “This is going to hurt,” I inform her before lunging down and obtaining a mouthful of blood. Don’t swallow it, Webster! Don’t do it! 

I wriggle over to Luke, opening and spitting the blood into his mouth. “That’s so fucking disgusting,” I hear Billie mutter.

Agreeing with her with a nod. I turn back to Luke, who is now awake and looking at me with a slightly unhappy look on his face. “I agree, that is disgusting, but thank you,” he mumbles before jumping up and shouting, “duratus!” Making the fighters freeze as well as their shots. One shot, in particular, stopping centimetres away from his face. “That was a bit close,” he comments, turning to me.
“What does duratus mean?” I ask.

“Freeze,” Luke and Billie inform me, in unison.
“Okay…” I mumble before walking over to frozen Damien and Alistair. I take hold of their shoulders pulling them back and unfreezing them.

“So, who were they fighting?” Billie asks, standing up. However, when she finally looks at the enemy, she clearly realises who it is.

“Billie?” I probe. 

“That’s my mum,” she frowns, pointing to one of the women pointing their wand forward in attack. “And that’s my dad,” she cries, referring to one of the men attached to trees.
“We need to get them down,” I suggest running over to them, through the frozen shots and past the frozen enemy.

“Webster, we can only take Jaxon,” Billie mumbles, walking over to the trees being used as crosses.

“But, what about your dad?” I probe. I must look so confused.

“Look at him, he’s been here for over 60 years, he’s started to rot and die due to being here.

He was sentenced to being here for his crimes against nature, my mother hasn’t decayed because she didn’t die, she’s here by choice. And Jaxon hasn’t because he’s linked to me and because he committed no crime. I can save him,” she mumbles, placing her hand on her father’s arm. “I’m sorry,” she mutters. 

He smiles down at her. “Save him, kill her,” he mutters.

She nods, letting her brother down and holding him up after he collapses onto her.

“Amelia, why did you come? You should have stayed in the earth realm,” he groans.

“I needed to get you myself. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get you out,” she mumbles, walking him over toward the direction we’d come from.

“Where are you going?” Luke asks, starring Billie’s mother in the face.

“The portal?” I question, looking between Luke and Billie.

“Aditus ad regna terrae,” Luke mutters, a portal opening behind Billie and Jaxon. “I can open it where I like,” he smiles, turning away from Billie’s mother and walks over to the portal. “It’ll hurt again,” he mumbles, standing in front of the entrance, looking over to Billie.

“Ready?” She asks Jaxon.

“Definitely!” He smiles, his voice showing his weakness.

“3, 2, 1, Go!” Billie yells jumping into the portal with Jaxon.

“Jump in,” Luke smiles at Ali and Damien, they walk through.

“Time to go,” I mumble, walking over to the portal. I look back to Elizabeth, Billie’s mother. “What are we going to do about her?” I ask.

Luke walks over to her, looking her in the face, “I’ll deal with her.”


“Why are you doing this?!” Jaxon yells as Webster hoists him up in my old cell.

I walk forward, looking into his eyes. “Because we need to make sure you’re not here to kill,” I comment, pressing my lips together.

“It’s nothing personal, Jaxon. We just need to be safe. After all, your sister is the Queen of the Supernatural.” Damien smiles, looking over to Webster and telling him to stop the hoist. “He’s high enough.” 

“Jaxon, why did it take you almost 100 years to resurface?” Webster asks him.

Jaxon growls, keeping his gaze on me, apparently not happy with the situation. “I didn’t know how to get out, I didn’t know how to make contact. When Mother found me, we started to look for ingredients to do a Binding spell. When I then realised what she was trying to do, Father and I attacked her, trying to get her tied up only for her alliances to come out of hiding and tie us up instead.

I had to do the spell. Otherwise, she would have killed me… She needed me to get you to open the portal, or she would have used my heart to do it,” he explains, pain in his voice.

“Do you believe him?” Luke asks, standing behind me.

I turn around, finding him stood with Mizore, Avril and Electra. I turn back to Jaxon. “Let’s see whether or not I should,” I say walking forward, power in my stride, and placing my hand on his forehead, burning his skin and causing him to scream out in pain. “No!” I step back, in shock. “No.”


“Billie? What did you see?” I ask, stepping forward, placing my hands on her shoulders as she starts to shake. “Billie?”

“She saw someone she knew, but I don’t know which person, there were three in the same are,” Jaxon comments, bowing his head in pain.

I look back to Billie as she stares up at me. “Do it,” she says. “Just, do it.”

I gulp, this is going to hurt… I let go of her shoulders, taking hold of her hands before closing my eyes. She shows me what she saw, three men in the forest. Two of them decaying but the other is apparently alive, I recognise him…. Where have I seen him before?  She takes me back further, into Scotland before the war began – before she met Mizore. You were in a car accident?

Yes, I was in the car with Mickey and Jason. Mickey was one of the men who was decaying. She shows me the inside of the car, minutes before the crash. I looked around in her memory, trying to spot details she hadn’t seen before. I open my eyes, in shock. Taking a step back, my brows narrowing as my eyes bulge out of my sockets. “What did you see?” She asks, a confused expression crossing her face.

“Mallory,” I mumble. “I saw Mallory, he was the one who caused the crash… He killed your Guardian,” I stutter. I turn to look to find him snarling, his teeth showing, and his eyes full of rage. 

He lets out a roar of anger before teleporting. “Who’s Mallory?” Mizzie asks, looking between Electra and me.

“He’s the God of disease, Luke’s brother…” Ele explains, her eyes filled with pain.

Billie steps forward, standing next to me. “Who was he?” She asks.


She frowns, rage covering her face. “Who was he?!”

“I don’t know, I recognised him, he might have been disguised, but I don’t know who he actually was,” I explain. “Damien might be able to find out who he is, he’s a Horseman.”

“Come here,” Damien says, taking hold of Billie’s hand. His brows narrowing as his lips began to press together.  He steps back, his jaw clenched. “Bollocks.”


“What is it?” I ask, a feeling of worry causing the pit of my stomach to drop.

Damien sits down in the corner of the room, a look of fear on his face, one of his eyebrows twitching as he looks down at the floor. “Fairy,” he mumbles.

“What do you mean?” Web steps forward, a confused look on his face.

Damien looks up. “He’s the new Fairy God.” His face sinking into a state of depression.

“Damien, what does that mean?” I question, a pain in my chest.

“It means that Megan died before her children were old enough to take over,” Web explains, taking in a deep breath.

“Which means that, even though Luke killed Elizabeth, she may not be dead….” Damien stands, his face turning to stone as he clenches his jaw.

“So, what do we do?” Avril asks, looking between Damien, Webster and me.

“We need to acquire some friends.” Time to find Cody and Xavier…

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