MY MATE – Chapter Three


“Billie, what do you mean I’m Mickey’s daughter?” Mizore asks me, following me upstairs.

I sigh, holding back the tears. “Mickey kept photos of you and Mel, he only let me have one, even after his death. And it’s weird, how you know what they are, but you haven’t noticed what I am. If you were like them, you would have noticed the second I walked into the café, but you didn’t, so I thought you were human, but you’re not. You’re like Mickey,” I tell her, packing my clothes and items in my rucksack.

Mizore whimpers, “What are you doing?” She asks.

I pause for a moment. “Mizore, I’m sorry, but I can’t stay,” I tell her, a pain rushed through my body and settled in my chest. I hear her whimper again. I turn to look at her; her eyes filling with tears and her bottom lip shaking.

I reach my hand out to embrace her face, but she smacks it away. “No,” she says shaking her head violently. “No!” She screams, raising her hands to her temples, tangling her fingers in her hair and pulling. “No!” She screams as loud as a banshee and shaking violently.

Melanie, Cori and Kai walk in wondering what was happening. I step back, and Cori embraces Mizore, nods and takes her out of the room. Melanie and Kai stand near the door, staring at me. “What did you do?” Kai asks calmly.

I look to my bag on the bed, “I started packing,” I tell them.

“But-” Mel says cutting herself off, sounding confused. “But why would you do this? Why are you leaving her?” She asks, tears entering her eyes.

I turn away from them, tears threatening to escape my eyes. “She’s Mickey’s daughter, it’s not safe for me being around her, and now that I know that she’s a Guardian, I can’t protect her. I’m sorry, but for her safety, I need to leave.”

“Amelia Gabriel, for her safety you need to stay,” a man says from behind me.

I turn to find a man that looks like Mickey but younger. “Kier?” Kai says from behind him.

He turns to look at her, “Hey Hun.” And then she runs to him, embracing him and burying her face in his neck. He kisses her forehead and then looks back to me. “Amy, you can’t leave, she needs you. You understand that, right?” He asks; I nod in response. “Now that you know what and who she is, you’re the only person that will be able to keep her safe. You need to stay. However,” he pauses, “I have something I need you to do for me first.”


“What do you want me to do?” I ask.

Kier looks around the room, Mel and Kai looking confused. He looks back at me. “I need you to go to the underworld and take a message to Luke,” he tells me. Luke is Lucifer, the brother of Mortifer, the guardian Hell.

“Why me?” I ask.

He smiles, “You’re the last pure Vampyre in existence, and you also have the gift of realm jumping, you’re the only one that can do it other than me, I can’t go, there are Hunters in the area,” he tells me.

I sigh. “Fine, I’ll go. But you need to promise me something,” I tell him.


“Guard Mizore and Melanie while I’m gone,” I instruct him.

He chuckles. “That promise I cannot fulfil.”

“You said anything.”

“I can’t protect my own kind, Amelia. It’s like my brother being my guardian; it would have been a pointless exercise,” he tells me. “And I don’t need to protect Melanie because she’s protected by Mizore, I can’t do anything. I’m sorry. However, the pack can protect them; I’ll arrange that at least.” I sigh and nod.

“Fine, but make sure they don’t let anything get them; understand?” I ask. He assures me with a nod. “So, what’s the message?” I ask.

“Tell him, ‘The realms are being blended, and the furies are turning’,” he tells me, I write it down on my arm in Royal Arch Cipher, just in case. “Got it?” He asks, I nod. “Good. You better get going. To save your energy go to St. Mary’s Church, a few miles away, there’s a gateway there that you can use to get to Luke, and it’ll land you in the safe zone, I promise,” he tells me.

I nod. “Okay, I better get going then.”

I go to walk past them when a hand grabs my wrist, Kai looks me in the eyes as she says, “say goodbye to Mizore first.”

“I don’t need to say goodbye; I’m coming back,” I tell her pulling away. “However, I will say I’ll see her later.”


Shouting erupts as I step into the living room. And I deserve all the abuse they are giving me, I made her, my Mate, cry… “Mizore?” She looks up, “can I talk to you, please?” I ask, gesturing towards the hallway. She nods and wipes away her tears. I reach my hand out for her to take it, she gets up and dismisses my hand walking past me and into the hallway. The rejection hurt, but I deserve everything she wishes to inflict upon me.

“What do you want?” She asks.

I sigh and look down, “I’m leaving to deliver a message for Kier, I’ll be back tonight, but I’ll sleep on the sofa to give you some space,” I tell her. She nods in acknowledgement. “Right, I better get going. I’ll see you later,” I tell her, turning to leave.

But then she catches my arm and turns me back to her, then does a particular action that I didn’t think I’d get from her again for a long time, she cups my face with her hands. “Just because I’m upset with you doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” she says giving me a quick peck on the lips.

I sigh. “Thank you. It’s why I thought I had to leave,” I tell her. She giggles and gives me another peck, this one lasting slightly longer. “I better go,” I tell her, she nods in response, withdrawing her hands from my face. But before I turn to leave, I lean forward to her ear, “I’ll be back, I promise.” Then, before I could let loose a tear, I run out.

I got to St. Mary’s Church, the portal being easy to find. “Time to go,” I say to myself opening the portal with one of my runes.

And then I land in the middle of the Underworld where the flowers were black, and the trees were grey. Even with the lack of colour, it’s beautiful.

However, I’d landed in a specific place, the Death Bays, where the dead gather to get sorted into good, bad and evil. Luckily, the last person had just arrived on their boat. “Bye!” I hear a girl shout to those on the ship. They all smile and wave at her.

Once the boat was out of sight, Luke walks up to the girl, “How are you always so happy?” He asks her.

She turns to him, gives him a quick peck on the lips and says, “Because I live here with you,” she tells him smiling before burying her face in his shoulder. This is my moment. I walk forward slowly. “Oh, God. We missed one,” said one of the boys.

Luke looks at me. “No, we haven’t. Amelia, why are you here?”

“Luke, who is she?” Asks the girl; a concerned look on her face as she clings to his arm.

“She’s the last born Vampyre, the supreme. Amelia, why are you here?” He asks again, stepping in front of the girl slightly as if to shield her.

“Kier asked me to give you a message,” I pause. “And just so you know, I’m vegetarian; I don’t eat humans, dead or alive,” I tell him.

He smiles, loosening up. “Okay,” he chuckles. “So, what’s the message?” He asks.

“The realms are being blended, and the furies are turning.” I pause. “What does it mean?” I ask.

Luke looked around, a genuine look of fear appearing on his face. He looks back to me. He takes in a deep breath.

“The war has begun.”


“What do you mean the war’s begun? And why do you look scared?” I ask Luke.

He sighs and turns away from me, taking Avril in his arms. “I’m scared because it’s a war against my siblings.”

“What do you mean?” Alistair, one of the boys, asked.

“Well, my real name is Lucifer, as you know, and I’m a Forsaken God, as you also know. And I am the son of Me, just like all Gods. Forsaken or not. And Daemons are my children. Which means I’m going to have to choose a side between the ones that threw me out and the ones that took me in… and I don’t know what to do…”

“Luke, you can’t go against the Gods,” Alistair says.

Luke turns to him, “And I can’t go against you… but not all the Gods will be on one side….”

Alistair smiles, “Luke, I’m not a Daemon. I’m a Fury. We will fight with you. You decide who we fight for.”

Then I realise; the realms. If you don’t understand anything about the realms, there are 3.

Earth: where all the humans and monsters live. Monsters being Vampyres (like me), Pixies, Therianthropes and so on.

The Underworld: where Luke and the Furies are live. Furies can travel from Earth to the Underworld freely, but can’t go to the Afterlife. However, if a Fury visits Hell, they can’t get out without the hand of an Angel or God. Which, in the fairy tale, is how Avril was rescued from the pit; Luke may be a Forsaken God, but he is still a God. Hell is situated in one part of the Underworld, it’s in the same realm but in its own all at the same time.

The Afterlife: where all the Angels live. However, Angels can roam freely between each realm, but being in Earth and Hell drains their powers. Being in Earth Realm will make them feel pain and act more human. Being in Hell makes them think more about disobeying God.

So, what I realised is… they only have one Realm in common that they can all fight in without any real disadvantages. What is it? Earth.

“Guys…” I say, everyone turns to look at me. “I don’t think we should fight for Angels or Demons…”

“What do you mean?” Asks Avril.

“Well, the war will be in the Earth Realm…”

“And?” Asks Alistair.

“Humans… They’re going to get slaughtered in the crossfire.”

Luke sighs, “She’s right… There aren’t two sides… There are three. Someone needs to protect the humans. They don’t deserve to die because of us.”

“Well, what are you going to do?” I ask.

Luke looks up to me, “I’ll hold down the fort here. I’ll talk to the Fallen Angels on earth and get them to help you. After that, when everything is set, and the fighting begins, we’ll join you.”

“Thank you.”


Returning to the surface, the sunlight hits my face, and I soak in the warmth for a few moments. “Billie,” Kier says from behind me. “Did you tell him?” He asks.

“Of course.”

“So, you know what’s happening?” He asks. I nod in acknowledgement, “so, you know what we must do?”

I nod again. “Save the humans,” I say turning to look at him.

“No,” he says with anger in his voice. “There’s no point, they’re pathetic creatures,” he shouts.

I chuckle at his idiocy, “says the inhumane piece of crap that is more pathetic than any creature I have met in the past 50 years, including those who drink from sippy-cups and wear diapers.”

“You’re just as pathetic as them, you stupid Leech!” He shouts at me, his natural and original Scottish accent returning with his anger. “How am I more inhumane than them? They’re like toddlers, whining and drooling constantly. They’re like babies!”

I chuckle once more. “I know they are. They’re one of Me’s creations. And they’ve only just become teenagers compared to this world. However, they’ve been around longer than you. Which, evidentially, makes you younger, so you’re the toddler; you’re the one that is whining and drooling all over your shoes, that’s you. Not them.”

He groans, finally accepting that I was right. “So, why do we need to save them? They’re not in the fight…”

I sigh, “I know they’re not, but the only way the two realms can fight is on common ground; which, unfortunately, happens to be here. This also means that Demons and Angels will both kill anything in their way, whether they’re in the fight or not, so we need to protect them.”

He sighs and nods in acknowledgement, “I understand.” And then he chuckles, out of the blue, just a small laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I ask.

He stops chuckling abruptly. “Well… the fact that we’ll be having two Queens instead of a King and a Queen… also, the fact that one’s a Vampyre and one’s a Guardian!”

“Wait…” A small voice came from behind Kier. It was Mizore and the pack, gathering around the crypt, “why us?” She asks.

I smile at her curiosity, walking toward her. I cup her face in my hands. “Because I’m the last born Vampyre left, I am also the Vampyre God; which means I’m the supreme.”

“But weren’t others born?” She asks.

I nod, “yes, but Hunters killed them before they could be chosen to find their mate.” I sigh, “However, when the war is over, all the monsters, like me, will create more hybrids.”

“Why?” Mel asks.

“Because there needs to be an equal amount of monsters and hunters and humans in the world to keep the natural order.”

“How do you know so much?” Kai asks.

“Because my parents told me as a bedtime story when I was a child; although, I didn’t know that they were trying to prepare me for my fate.”

Mizore embraces me, wrapping her arms around my waist, burying her face into the nape of my neck. “Are we going to be okay?” She whispers against my skin.

“Of course, we will, I’ll make sure of it. I won’t let them get you.”


College time, or should I say final few college times. Yes, it’s a week before we graduate High College and nothing’s happened… at all… no Angels, no Daemons, nothing.

“Mizore, Billie, hurry up and get out of bed, it’s time for college!” Mel says, knocking on the door to our room.

Mizzie groans; I chuckle, “We’ll be right out,” I tell her, I then hear her go down the hallway.

I roll over to look at her. She rolls over to me, “morning,” she says before stealing a kiss.

I chuckle again, “is it not a good morning?” I ask.

She sighs. “Well, it’s a good morning because I’m laid next to you. However, two bad points are conflicting with that fantastic point,” she tells me.

“Which is?”

“Well, one is that I don’t get to stay here next to you for the rest of the day. Another is that I have to go to college and act straight meaning I don’t get to kiss you,” she says cutely, with a frown.

I giggle at her cuteness, “We can have more cuddles later. So, don’t worry, Cutie. We’ll have a good day at college, we’ll have a few more days, and then we’ll graduate, okay?” I say to her, brushing her hair over her ear before giving her a peck on the lips. I smile at her once more. “Time for college,” I tell her.

She smiles back at me. “Okay, let’s get going,” she says rolling over and getting up. “Hmm…” she says, “I think I might wear a dress today, what do you think?” She asks.

“I think I can handle that,” I say, winking at her. Slapping her arse as she walks towards her closet. God, I love her…


College is not something I appreciate… I don’t get to hold my sweet’s hand… I don’t get to kiss her lips… nothing.

It makes me feel empty and numb… 8 hours of being numb is not a good idea when being a Vampyre, you end up turning off your guilt and remorse, which probably wasn’t a good idea today due to what happened…

-2 hours previously-

“Billie, what’s wrong? You don’t look too happy…” Kai asks.

“There’s a weird smell…” I tell her.

She smiles, “You’re sat in a canteen with a Guardian, many humans and a pack of Therianthropes… it’s going to smell weird…” She tells me.

I shake my head, “No, this smell is different from the typical smell… Someone is here… They’re not welcome,” I tell her. I stand up and start to walk away.

Cori catches me up, “What’s up?” He asks.

I look at him. “There is someone or something in the room, and it aims to commit a crime of murder. I do not know what species or who it is but when I find them, I intend to either make them leave or rip their heads off, would you care to help?” I ask him.

He nods and frowns, “Could they be a danger to the pack?” He asks, I nod in response to his question. He nods again, “okay, I’ll help.”

Walking around the room, everyone seems normal and fine… Until I see a group of students that are usually quite happy. They’re a group of twins, 4 sets, all dating and friends. Usually, they are perfectly happy and friendly, but today they just stared across their table at each other, blank looks on their faces. I hit my knuckle on the table, instantly they all have their eyes on me, their black, Demon eyes… “I think it’s time for you to leave,” I tell them.

“And why is that?” One girl asks.

I sigh, “Don’t question me, I am the Guardian of this college, I will take you back to the underworld for Lucifer to have his fun with you if you don’t leave these students and go back to whoever you had possessed before.”

The girl stands up, latching her hand around my throat and squeezing. Trying to strangle me, but she doesn’t understand… If I go into Vamp mode, I can stop breathing altogether. She can only kill me this way if I refuse to stop my own death. I press one finger down on her forearm and hear a horrific crack as her arm breaks in two and goes limp, she screams in pain. “Leave, or I will take further action. I may be the Guardian, but I care nothing for these humans; I will break you in every way possible unless you leave now,” I tell her.

She screams at me before black smoke leaves her mouth along with the others. The human girl falls into my arms as a teacher walks up to Cori and I. “What is going on?”

“There seems to have been an accident, and this girl has fractured her arm, she needs to go to the hospital,” Cori tells the teacher.

“You mean this girl has fractured this poor girl’s arm?” Pointing the blame at me, correctly.

“She fell, it was an accident,” he pushes.

The teacher groans, “If you say so,” she nods, “you,” she points at me, “bring her to the reception with me. We need to get this poor girl to the hospital.” I nod in response and quickly look at Mizzie, she frowns, looking sad, but nods for me to go. I bow back before heading off with the girl in my arms and the teacher leading the way.


I would never have hurt someone like that… I hate hurting humans… even when they’re possessed. If I had learnt how to use my powers correctly I would have been able to heal her within a matter of seconds… but with my knowledge and my former Guardian… I can’t learn much more until someone with experience can teach me.

Hopefully, soon someone can help me, if not, I’ll be like a sitting duck in this battle.


“Web, if you don’t help her, she’s going to get slaughtered,” Kier yells at me as I laugh at his idiotic proposal. He sighs, “Fine, just remind me to get Luke to send you to Mortifer.”

I stop laughing and turn to him. “Don’t you dare,” I tell him.

He laughs, “Don’t be such a dick then,” he says, I huff, these people seriously piss me off.

“Fine.” I pause. “I’ll help.”

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