MY MATE – Chapter Two


She’s so beautiful, her black hair, her emerald green eyes, her flawless features, her plump red lips… and I get to share a bed with her, Oh my.

Coming out of the bathroom wearing my pyjamas, which consist of a long-sleeved Chicago Cubs jersey and a pair of sweatpants. I find Billie sitting on the window seat in the front of the house, her skin is white under the moonlight, wearing a strappy black top and white shorts, her arms and legs exposed entirely. I walk over to her, silently fiddling with my sleeves. “Hey,” I say quietly. It’s past midnight and mum is already in bed.

Without looking at me, she whispers, “What’s wrong?”

I’m stunned, What? I stare at her, “Nothing, why?” I stutter.

She turns to me, looking at my body. “Then, why are you nervous?” She asks. Surely she can’t figure that out from my body language.

“I’m not.”

“You are,” she chuckles. “Why?” She asks standing up to look at me. She’s taller than me and if I look straight forward her neck in my sight. However, if I look down a little bit… Oh, my. She smiles. “Well? Why are you nervous?” She asks again.

I shrug, “I don’t know, I guess it’s because I’ve never shared a room with anyone before…” I say as quiet as a mouse.

She chuckles, apparently finding my embarrassment amusing. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite,” she informs me, her voice softening. My cheeks burn, feeling them turn even redder. “Go on, get to bed,” she says before sitting back down quickly. I sigh before walking around the bed and getting in near the other bay window.

I bury my head in my pillow. Billie makes no attempt to come to bed. “Billie?” I ask. She turns her gaze to me. “When are you coming to bed?” I ask her.

She smiles. “Don’t worry, I’m coming. I’m just saying goodbye to the day. It’s been beautiful,” she says turning back to the window before closing her eyes and saying, “Dah Sveedaniya.” She then stands up and walks over to the bed, I move the quilt corner, inviting her in, and she climbs in.

We lay there for a few minutes, looking at each other but not talking. I break the silence with a whisper, “Billie, what’s your full name?”

She smiles, “Amelia Billie Gabriel,” she says. Amelia? She doesn’t look like an Amelia. She sighs, searching my face. “But I prefer my middle name,” she tells me.

I smile back at her. “You have a beautiful name,” I tell her.

“Thank you, Mizore. However, Mizore is stunning,” she says me, I giggle feeling my cheeks burning with a blush. “Now, time to sleep,” she says reaching up and cupping my face. “Sleep, Mizore,” she tells me, I close my eyes obeying the order.

But before sleeping, I open my eyes, lean in closer and whisper in her ear, “Please, call me Mizzie,” I tell her before kissing her cheek and lying back down, only centimetres between us. “Goodnight, Billie,” I say before closing my eyes once again.

I hear her sigh, “Goodnight, Mizzie.”


She’s cute, beautiful, hot and amazing and I’m laid next to her, face-to-face, watching her angelic form sleep. She’s wearing really modest clothes, covering every inch from her ankles to her wrists to her neck… and then there’s me in a strappy black top, that shows more cleavage than a sports bra, and white shorts, which expose most of my legs. Why is she over-dress for bed?!

After a few hours of staring and looking like a complete moron, Mizzie starts tossing and turning, she rolls onto her side, facing the bay window, and then I hear her cry, just whimpering at first. “Mizzie?” I ask; no answer. I shuffle over, wrapping my arms around her waist. My face nuzzled in the nape of her neck. “Please, don’t cry,” I whisper to her, after a few minutes, I settle her, she’s now facing me again, her face buried in my neck. Sleep finally takes over me.

I’m awoken with a sudden coldness; I open my eyes and find Mizzie gone. “Mizzie?” I call out, then the bathroom lock was clicked, and the door opened. She stands there looking pale, her beautiful face filled with sadness. “What’s wrong?” I ask her, climbing out her side of the bed and walking toward her slowly, tears escaping her eyes.

She chokes on her tears, “I… I don’t know… I… I didn’t… I…” She stutters, pain surfacing on her face.

I look at her body; I couldn’t see anything physically wrong until I see her left hand, blood dripping down her fingers from her arm. I inhale through my nose; she has cut her arm. I walk towards her taking her hand in mine and moving her sleeve up. Several cuts on the inside of her arm, deep but not fatal. I look up at her face, finding her eyes. “Why?” I ask.

Wiping her eyes with her spare hand, she sniffles. “To hide the pain inside me.”

I understand that I’ve seen it many times over the years, but why is she in so much pain to want to do this? “Why are you hurting?”

“Perfection,” and that’s all she needed to say, I pull her into a hug.

“Sweetheart, listen to me,” I whisper softly in her ear. I pull away slightly to look her in the eye, my hands resting on her hips. “Look at me,” I tell her, she meets my gaze, another tear trickling down her cheek. “Nobody is perfect. No one, okay?” I ask, and she nods in response. “Good, but Mizzie, listen to me. You’re beautiful, no matter what. Your scars are your fairy tale, and you’re the princess. Never, ever, let someone tell you otherwise. You’re the princess to your own fairytale, you decide when it’s’ ending. You’ll find your prince charming, I promise,” I tell her, reaching up with my right hand and stroking her cheek before embracing her once more.

“Billie?” She whispers into my neck.


“I don’t want a prince charming,” she says.


She pulls back and looks me dead in the eye as she says, “I want you.” I stare at her, my mouth slightly open due to shock. Then, all of a sudden – Click. Mel is going to kill me…


What do I do? What should I do? That was my ‘Click’, she’s my Click, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve had a guide all the way through my life, Mickey helped me through everything, and now he’s gone, and I’ve just had my Click. Mizore isn’t going to understand, and I can’t tell her… so, who do I tell? Cori!

And while all this is happening in my head, I’m just staring at Mizzie in shock. After five minutes pass, the silence is broken. “I’m sorry,” she cries before trying to get out of my embrace. I blink a few times while she struggles. I snap back into reality. I’ve made her cry. “Billie, I’m sorry. Please, just let go,” she says still struggling.

She starts to calm down when she realises that I’m not letting her go. “Please,” I pause, “don’t be sorry.”

“What?” She asks startled.

I sigh, letting her out of my embrace before taking her hands in mine. “I don’t want you to regret it. Don’t be sorry about it,” I tell her. She looks at me with a confused look on her face. “Please, don’t.”

“But-” She says, stopping herself. “But you’re not… Are you?” She asks still looking confused.

I sigh, once more, a slight chuckle trapped in my throat. I wrap her arms around my neck before placing my own on her bum and squeezing, making her jerk forward, our groins colliding. “I’m Pansexual,” I tell her. Pansexuality being the only thing that examples my sexuality.

“Oh, my,” Mizzie says her eyes sparkling more than ever. Mizzie blushes, possibilities run through her eyes. “I didn’t… I didn’t think…” she says blushing a deeper red. “I didn’t believe that you were…” I stop her.

My index finger pressed against her plump, pink lips, “it’s okay, Mizzie. Just keep quiet, okay? Your mum might separate us if she finds out,” I tell her. Her lips feel soft underneath my touch. I stare down at them, biting my lip without thinking; letting my hand fall from her mouth.

“Billie?” Mizzie says. She leans forward and whispers in my ear, “Can I kiss you?” She asks.

Oh, my… I look at her as she leans back. She searches my face for an answer, but before saying anything, I lean down and kiss her; her warm, plump, damp lips and my own fitting together perfectly, like jigsaw pieces. After a few seconds, I deepen the kiss, kissing harder and faster. She takes a few steps back, dragging me until her back hits one of the bookshelves. Wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, I’m now the only thing holding her up. Our bodies press together, her breasts crushing into mine and our groins colliding in a frenzy of grinds. Fuck! Don’t lose it! Don’t lose it! And then I felt something, Oh Lord, what are you doing to me? While grinding against each other, I felt a small pulse. She’s throbbing?! But before we could get any further, there’s a knock at the door, I set her down quickly and pull away, what just happened? I pant, trying to catch my breath before speaking. “Yeah?”

“Breakfast is ready,” I hear Mel say from outside the room and then her footsteps fade as she walks down the stairs.

“Mizzie, I’m so sorry.”

She giggles, “What for? There’s nothing to be sorry about,” she tells me.

I sigh in relief, as long as she’s not hurt. “Thank you,” I tell her. She walks over to me as I sit on the bed. “I’m going to go sort my arm out when we go downstairs we won’t be able to kiss. So, I want my dose now,” she tells me, straddling me and pushing me back, so I’m laid down. One hand on either side of my head, a form of Mizzie staring down at me with a mischievous smile on her face, she leans down enveloping my bottom lip between her teeth, letting it slip through slowly. She then leans down to my ear, “I want to have a little make-out session with you, is that okay?” She asks, even though she was being really flirty and sexual and really naughty, she still sounded like Mizore, innocent… Holy shit, she’s such a turn on.

I grin as she pulls up to look at my face. “Fine with me, Sweetcheeks.”


After our little ‘session’, which entailed Mizzie laid on her back getting kissed to death while she groped my breast, we went downstairs, Mizzie looking extremely pleased with herself, “Why did you take so long?” Mel asks us.

I answer quickly, “Mizzie was upset, so I was looking after her.”

Mel smiles, “Thank you, maybe you’ll be able to get her out of her bad habit; I guess you’ve seen,” she says.

I had seen, I hadn’t seen her scars or a blade, all I’ve seen is the blood and the pain that she inflicts upon herself. I sigh. Mizzie looks at me, her flawless face becoming pained. “Billie?” I look at her with an upset expression on my face. “I’m sorry,” she says before diving forward, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“What’s happened?” Mel asks. I bury my lips into the crown of Mizzie’s head.

Looking at Mel, I give her a warning look. “You might want to sit down,” I tell her.


“I cut, Mum. I’m sorry,” Mizzie tells her, taking her face away from my neck for a few brief seconds.

Mel sighs. “Mizzie, Sweetheart, you were doing so well,” she says patting her back. “It’s okay, I have a feeling Billie will help you with that, right Billie?” She asks. I don’t even need to respond to that question.

“Of course, I will,” I tell her before kissing the top of Mizzie’s head, she looks up at me, lust in her eyes and her beautiful face filled with happiness instead of pain. “I’m never leaving you, I promise,” I say looking down at her.

She reaches up and caresses my cheek. “I’m glad,” she tells me before leaning up and kissing me lightly on the cheek. “Now, will you come to college with me tomorrow?” She asks me.

Oh, no… Not the college talk again… “Do I really have to?” I ask.

“Yes! You are going to college with me tomorrow! No matter what!” She giggles at me.

I smile down at her. “Then why did you give me an option?” I ask her giggling.

“Because I wanted to be polite,” she says fluttering her eyelashes at me before winking and bumping me with her butt. She’s so hot! I watch her walk over to the kitchen’s island to get food.

Mel walks over to me and whispers, “I don’t mind her being Lesbian but make sure that you don’t bite her,” she tells me.

“B-But h-h-how?” I stutter

She sighs, “Sweetheart, when something happens to my daughter I know straight away and plus, her lips are swollen, and your lips are practically pulsing, they’re so red. So, either she’s Lesbian, and you’ve had your Click, or you’re using my daughter for pleasure, which one?” She asks calmly, sounding happy when talking about the possibility of Mizzie being my Click.

“She’s either Bisexual or Lesbian, and I have had my Click, and it is, in fact, your daughter,” I tell her feeling slightly nervous, she is taking this way too calmly.

She sighs again, this time with a sense of relief. “Oh thank, God. Thank you. Please, just keep her safe,” she tells me, I nod, she embraces me into a hug before we join Mizzie at the table.

I sit next to her and place my hand on her netting covered knee; she’s wearing fishnets, mid-thigh jean shorts and a Batman jumper, hot as hell. She gives me a fearful look. I lean to her ear, “She knows.” I lean back, and she looks at me with a shocked expression on her face. I cup her face with my free hand. “Don’t worry about it,” I tell her before leaning forward and resting my lips on her.

When I pull away a few seconds later, she smiles at me. “Oh thank, God,” she says before practically jumping on me, wrapping her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, crushing her lips to mine. Mel smiles at me from behind Mizzie before picking up her breakfast and going into the living room, leaving me to ravish her daughter once she leaves. Once she was gone, I push Mizzie off me, lifting her up onto the kitchen island, climbing on the unit and straddling her. I lean down, a few centimetres between our faces. “You’re mine, okay?” I ask. She looks up at me, lust filling her eyes as she nods. I grin down at her. “You’re my mate now,” I say before ducking my head down to take her lips with mine.


“Mizore! Billie! Time for college!” I hear mum shout, I groan. I really don’t feel like going to in today.

It’s the second week of February, yes, Valentine’s Day is approaching… it’s Monday! And it’s college… the main problem is, nobody knows I’m Lesbian. I had one boyfriend in year nine, and I just didn’t like it when he kissed me or hugged me, it was weird. But when girls kiss me and hug me… it feels… right.

Though there’s one thing that could cause a problem, there are boys at college that fancy me… and Billie’s coming to college with me for the first time today… this could get nasty.

“Mizzie, it’s time for college,” Billie says into my shoulder. She’s laid behind me, her arms wrapped around my waist and her face buried into my shoulder.

“I don’t want to go…” I groan.

She sighs, “Please? I’m only going if you go,” she tells me, lifting one hand up and moving my top down my shoulder and kissing along my collar.

I groan again. “Fine… but don’t get angry at me when I tell you this…”


I sigh, “I’m in Narnia…” I tell her.

“But-” She says, cutting herself off.

My mother knows, Billie obviously knows, but nobody at college. “I haven’t told anyone… even my best friend doesn’t know…” I mumble.

She giggles. “It’s fine as long as you don’t have a secret boyfriend,” she whispers into the soft spot of my neck.

“Oh, thank the Lord,” I whisper in joy. Billie chuckles again. “Billie?” I ask.


“Why do you call yourself Billie?” I ask.

“It’s my middle name,” she tells me.

“What’s going to happen if someone calls you Amy or Amelia?” I ask.

She sighs, “nothing, I don’t really mind my first name. It doesn’t bother me that much, to be honest,” she whispers.

I sigh with relief. “Why don’t you change your name? You are, after all, going to be using fake papers,” I mention, I still don’t understand why… is she faking her age that much?

She chuckles. “I like being called Billie as a nickname, Amelia is okay for those who don’t know me.”

“I get it now,” thank God that she is okay with her first name. I just hope none of the guys at college try it on with her, I may have to tear their heads off.


“Hurry up, Mizzie! We’re going to be late!” I hear someone shout from downstairs.

“Who’s that?” I ask her from the corner of her bed.

She runs out of the closet and jumps onto the bed, pulling her Dr Martins on over her red, skinny jeans. She giggles, “Don’t worry, it’s only Damien. He is of no interest to me.” Finishing tying her laces, she snakes her arms around my shoulders, pressing her lips against the exposed skin at my collarbone. “Now,” she says, her voice sounding somewhat husky and mischievous. “Let’s go before I pull you back into bed and ruin you,” she growls into my ear. I didn’t want to move; I just chuckled and stayed perfectly still.

But then, I sigh, blinking those beautiful images out of my mind. “C’mon, let’s go,” I tell her, grabbing her legs and wrapping them around my waist before standing up, giving her a piggyback and picking our bags up on the way out. “College time!” I yell as I run down the stairs, Mizzie bouncing on my back and giggling her little heart out. When we got downstairs, I turned into the living room to Melanie, and five other people sat in the room. I recognised two people, Cori and his sister.

“Hey there, Leech,” Cori says to me, winking. I look at him in shock and give him the ‘she doesn’t know, you Moron’ face. His smile slowly fades. Sorry, he mouths. His sister just giggles, apparently finding it amusing, I guess Mel had forgotten to mention to them that Mizzie didn’t know.

“So,” one of the other boys says, trying to change the subject, picking up on my distress signal. “Are you going hunting with us today, Mizzie?” He asks.

“Probably. Though, who isn’t going?” Mizzie asks.

“Why?” Asks the boy.

“Well, Billie can’t come with us,” She tells them.

The boy laughs mockingly, “Why? Is the Leech a vegetarian?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She says jumping off my back and walking up to him.

He looks at her, his smile fading, realising that we’d not told her. “You sick bastards,” he says looking at Cori but implying it to both of us.

“Chris!” Melanie shouts. “Don’t.”

He looks to me. “Why haven’t you told her?” He asks. “You could put her in danger.”

Anger burns through me. Mizore turns to look at me, but I keep eye contact with Chris. “If she were in danger because of me I wouldn’t have stuck around. I wouldn’t hurt her.”

“How do you know you won’t, though?” He asks.

I chuckle, still feeling angry. “You think I’d risk her life?”

He looks at the floor. “No, I guess not.”

“Chris, man, just shut up,” the other boy, most likely Damien, said.

Mizzie looks at me, a confused look on her face. “I don’t understand…”

Cori’s sister walks over to Mizzie, turns her face, so Mizzie was looking at her. “Don’t worry; it’s better for you not to understand.”

“But Kai-” Mizzie says but Kai, Cori’s sister, put a finger over her lips.

“Don’t,” she says, shaking her head.

“She has a right to know, Kai,” the other girl says.

“Suri, don’t,” Kai says viciously towards Suri, her eyes flashing quickly into a bright yellow, showing her anger considerably.

“What do I have a right to know?” Mizzie asks looking back at me. I was stunned in place, if she’s like them, she should have noticed, but she didn’t. So, what is she? And that’s when it hit me. Why Kai and Cori looked out for her. Why Mickey kept her pictures and only let me have one, even after his death. “You’re Mickey’s daughter.” I blurt out. I drop the college bags and turn away from them, shocked, stunned and speechless. A pain echoing from my chest throughout my body and that’s my decision made, time to leave.

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