MY MATE – Introduction


Time flies so quickly; my little girl isn’t little anymore, and she’s about to stop ageing… I suppose this would keep her my little girl for the rest of eternity, but she just looks so grown up, Jaxon does, too… they’ve both aged so fast. They’ve survived the war, battled through the great depression and continued to live… And now, as Amelia begins to slow down in age, Jaxon starts to die due to cancer… my sweet children.

“We need to change him,” Elizabeth shouts to me, putting Jaxon on the table of my office. The operation was unsuccessful… I couldn’t get rid of the growth… he’ll die if we don’t try changing him.

I nod to my wife as she tries to calm his screams; Amelia enters the room and takes position next to his head. “Ready?” I question.

This is going to be hard for all of us, knowing that our son, Amelia’s brother may not make it… Amelia nods in response to my question, I count down from three, and on one, we bite, injecting Alpha venom into his veins, healing his body but also killing him slowly.

“Now we wait,” Elizabeth says, covering Jaxon’s mouth as he screams through the pain. She looks up at our innocent-eyed daughter. “Go get cleaned up, sweetie. We’ll handle it from here,” she smiles in an attempt to calm her.

After waiting for hours, Jaxon finally stops screaming, his heart rests, and he takes his last breath. “We need to act fast,” Elizabeth explains with a tone of urgency in her voice.

I bite down on his left shoulder, injecting the Beta venom to change him while Elizabeth keeps his dead heart pumping.

I look up to Elizabeth before checking his pulse, making sure his heart has kicked back in. “It’s working,” I tell her, smiling – I have never had to do this, never had to change someone, but if this is how it’s supposed to happen, then we’re going to keep our boy.

Flicking through the book as the final hours go by as Elizabeth sleeps, I read the section after injecting the Beta venom. ‘If the change is unsuccessful, the corpse will become frosted, as if it had been kept in snow or ice for an extended period of time, if this happens, stab the heart to save the soul; if the heart isn’t stabbed, the soul will be at the mercy of Mortifer. However, if the heart is impaled, the soul will be under the orders of Lucifer and will be released soon after.’

I look up to Jaxon. “No!” I yell, waking Elizabeth up.

“What’s happening?” She probes, rubbing her eyes as she awakens.

“He’s turned blue, the change was unsuccessful,” I sob. My baby boy…

She hugs my arm. “He’ll be okay, he’ll become a Fury and be with Luke,” she tells me, whispering.

“Only if we stab his heart,” I add.

She steps back. “If we stab him, he’ll go to hell…” she gasps.

Was the book wrong? Or was Jack wrong? “The book says impale to send him to Luke!” I urge, pain in my voice.

“Oh no…” Elizabeth mumbles, raising a hand to her lips – who do we trust, blood or ink?

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