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Throwback to September 2022 I got the fantastic opportunity to interview Bambou Kenneth, Ki Griffin, and Ila Sebastian – the Director, Star, and Composer of the film KINDRED. They were an absolute blast to speak to, and it was a real honour. Here’s the show:

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Recovery Isn’t Linear

A throwback to August 2022. It’s something that is regularly said but not often enough acknowledged – Recovery isn’t linear. It’s not always smooth sailing; in fact, most of the time, it’s not. And the idea that it is often puts people off of recovery, especially those who try and realise it’s harder than they’d…

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“Take the Pay Cut” Says Prime Minister

Throwback to June 2022 It’s becoming more and more apparent that the press is wanting the general public to hate transport workers. This isn’t the first time that the press have run with the narrative created by the government. We saw the exact same thing happen in the eighties when the Miners strikes. Now, it’s…

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