Larvitar – Pokémon – Cross Stitch Pattern


Pay What You Can

If you want to learn this design, but cannot afford anything right now – that’s fine! Change the price to £0.00.
Can afford £1.99 or more? Change it to whatever you want to pay!

Stitcher Level: Beginner
Total Stitch Count: 3408

Design Size: 7 ¼” by 9″
Suggested Fabric Size: 13 ¼” x 15″


I believe anyone interested in embroidery, specifically cross stitch, should have access to learning materials without having to pay huge prices for patterns in their niches (example: Pokémon).

So, I’m bringing them to you! Have a request or suggestion? Let me know, I’m more than happy to assist!





Character Copyright belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak. Cross Stitch Pattern Design Copyright belongs to Theodora Rosenberg.

Not for redistribution.


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