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As a practitioner with almost a decade under my belt, I’m here to help with all your divination needs.

This is an Online Divination – further details are listed in the product description.

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Reading Styles:

I offer two reading styles – Open and Closed Readings.

A closed reading is the most common – you ask a single question, and I get you an answer. Your answer may be No, Yes, Maybe, a month, number, or even a full date. Please be set on a single question, as additional questions can cloud judgment and readings.

However, if you’re looking for a completely impartial reading, Open is your best option. An open reading consists of a reading without the practitioner knowing your question(s). Instead, you’d write your question(s) down on paper and keep them in mind as the reading is done. The Pendulum will provide an answer that can be interpreted personally in accordance with your question(s).


Product Details:

Once an order is received, I will email the querent with a form and request a photograph (if necessary). After the information is obtained, I will perform the reading and provide you with a document showing the final reading (Image of Runes, Tarot, Book of Answers page, etc), along with a breakdown of all the meanings. And, finally, the interpretation.

Please be aware that virtual orders cannot be refunded – all purchases are final.

If you have any issues with the documentation once it has arrived, please let me know, and I will assist in any way that I can.

Additional information

Reading Style

Closed Reading, Open Reading


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