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As a practitioner with almost a decade under my belt, I’m here to help with all your divination needs.

Current Available Decks:
Classic Deck by Smith-Waite | Santa Muerte Deck by Fabio Listrani | Wild Unknown by Kim Kranz

This is an Online Divination – further details are listed in the product description.

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Reading Styles:

To keep things simple for everyone, I only perform five reading styles:

  1. Open Reading (Single Card)
    – If you’re looking for a completely impartial reading, Open is your best option. An open reading consists of a single tarot interpretation by your practitioner without knowing your question(s). Instead, you’d write your question(s) down on paper and keep them in mind as the reading is done.
  2. Single Reading
    – Ask a question, and let me pull a single tarot card to answer it for you.
  3. Triple Reading
    – Ask a question, and let me pull three tarot cards to answer it for you.
  4. Five/Full Reading
    – Ask a question, and let me pull five tarot cards to answer it for you.
  5. Ancestral Reading
    – Ask up to three questions, each question requires three card pulls. The answers will vary from Strong Yes, Weak Yes, Weak No, Strong No. I will also ask the ancestor in question for a direct message for you at the end.


Available Decks:

I have many decks. All with different uses and meanings.
I am currently working professionally with three decks: a classic Smith-Rider-Waite deck; a Santa Muerte, Fabio Listrani, deck; and the Wild Unknown Kim Krans Pocket deck.

An almost entirely universal deck, and every reader has a copy – whether an original edition from 1909, unlikely but possible or a newer reproduction.
It follows the standard meanings for tarot cards, but with its simplicity comes beauty and easy readings as long as the reader has bonded with the deck.

Santa Muerte – Fabio Listrani:
A beautiful deck celebrating the culture, art, and spirituality often associated with Latin American culture.
With that being said, the deck is a love letter from Listrani directly to Santa Muerte – a deity and spirit often worshipped in Neopaganism and some forms of Catholicism. This is a deck that I’ve bonded with greatly over the past four years since receiving it from my love, who is of Mexican and Native American descent.

Wild Unknown – Kim Krans:
A spectacular deck with LGBTQ+ themes running throughout. If you’re looking for a deck of the universe, this is it. It’s heavily themed black and white, with pride flags woven in. Some cards have more specific meanings in this deck.
This is my main deck of choice.



Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a divination practice, with their earliest recorded use between 1450 – 1470 AD.
Decks are split into two Arcana – Major and Minor, as well as having four suits representing Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

While there is a general rule of thumb with tarot cards – the death card, for example, does not mean literal death but actually indicates an end, a renewal, or even a change. While it can show a loss will be experienced, whether physically, mentally, or mortally, it doesn’t just mean death. 

Every deck has different readings, but the gist remains the same.


Product Details:

Once an order is received, I will email the querent with a form and request a photograph (if necessary). After the information is obtained, I will perform the reading and provide you with a document showing the final reading (Image of Runes, Tarot, Book of Answers page, etc), along with a breakdown of all the meanings. And, finally, the interpretation.

Please be aware that virtual orders cannot be refunded – all purchases are final.

If you have any issues with the documentation once it has arrived, please let me know, and I will assist in any way that I can.

Additional information

Reading Style

Single Tarot Reading, Triple Tarot Reading, Five Tarot Reading, Open Reading (Single), Daily Dead Reading, Ancestral Reading


Smith-Waite, Santa Muerte, Wild Unknown


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